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  1. You can remember her even more every time the poppies and hibiscus flower Tone. I lost one of my cats last year on the 6th June ( tomorrow ). ...still get upset now and tomorrow will hurt but I try to think of the great life she had with us.....Im sure your dog had 2 great years with you.
  2. Before that even.....I started going mid 70s and it was like that then....schoolboy enclose in front of Dolman stand ....50p to get in !!
  3. Never saw him play, was just before my time but had he still been with us he would be 90 today. I will have a couple of ciders tonight in his memory. Cheers all.
  4. Rich, Bobby Hutchinson was a player for us.......a good one at that.
  5. At least it wasn't "would OF " !!!
  6. And he puts a firm challenge in too.....
  7. Don't keep it to yourself. Talk to people about it if you can...there's people out there who can help. Those who will listen. Sharing a problem can help. Plus a few of us on here who are happy to communicate bearing in mind confidentiality issues of course. And try to look ahead as positively as you can. Many of us have had issues in the past we've got over or maybe are still dealing with but you're not on your own remember that. Take care.
  8. KevP


    Seriously ??....#pathetic.
  9. KevP


    Surprised you haven't still got yours with the bloke driving the bus .........
  10. We didn't. Thats Dale Vince trying to make out we had more than enough space. Their stewards didn't have a clue.....they were more interested in calling in their "aggro brigade" one of whom swore at some of our supporters and when challenged refused to give his name. It was an utter joke along by the small shed they call a stand....And we thought the gas were tinpot. FGR...you are just Dale Vinces plaything. That is all.
  11. Our old mate Simon James got lumped outside the chippy when we were inside....remember seeing his face slide down the window top lip first
  12. And you used to bring the Players No.6 as I recall...
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