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  1. Is holden still on holiday? Perhaps they are waiting for him to return so they sack him as well when he comes back face to face?
  2. Because they didn't have tinman in front of them.
  3. Isn't Ryan Lowe from Liverpool? Perhaps its he who's come down for a chat?
  4. Sounds like something the gas would do.
  5. Get rid of Fulham and I cant see anyone running away with it at this stage. If anyone I can see Stoke challenging. They have one more season of parachute payments and alot of deadwood are leaving so if they get a couple of key players in they could be decent. But we don't Know how the relegated teams will cope. Bournemouth will cost cut youd assume, watford may try and go for it in the first season and norwich ran away with with pretty much the same squad.
  6. He will definitely go back into management rather than coach. Unless Pep comes calling for an assistant. Done more than enough to manage elsewhere.
  7. It is a good listen as everyone who gets involved is knowledgeable and sensible. Headhunter is a great host to be fair. Makes the whole thing seamless
  8. Were smith hughton at Norwich at the same time?
  9. The fact this is a mcgreggor face exclusive, published whilst he's down the gate, would suggest its come from us
  10. I think hes only interested in management for the money. The blokes skint.
  11. I'd go along with that. I get the sense of now or never with Brentford. If they don't make it, losing in the playoffs will be a massive blow to confidence going into next season so quickly. I'd expect their front 3 to all be off to be honest.
  12. Is the 'league 1 average' for all players or players in same position? Some of the averages seem off for Central midfielders such as lateral passes, XG and XA.
  13. I couldn't tell if people were being sarcastic or not. Anyway, which nutter chucked £50 quid on him for him to be installed at 16/1 in the running?
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