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  1. As fevs says Cardiff are just doing him a favour. Can you imagine the carnage on their forum if they sign him after believing they were in for Bale
  2. I think there may have been more important things in 82 than player of the year.
  3. If Che Adams was good enough to get in the England team then he would be in it and not theirs . who are they trying to kid?
  4. This should be good. Interesting to hear his take on coppell and styver. Hopefully he's not too diplomatic now 10 years or more have passed and tells it how it was
  5. Remember him? Mentions city in the podcast around 34 mins in. Only for a couple of minutes but interesting take on Jodie Morris. Mcinnes promised him a role within his staff but then didn't honour it when he came.
  6. I remember her suggestion on twentyman a couple years back about the gas getting Defoe on loan. She was a laugh a minute to be fair.
  7. He sure was. From sleeping it off in a ditch to break dancing in his own puke, there are plenty of stories
  8. You need to be particularly tin pot to need net put up behind the stand to stop balls going into number 42s back yard.
  9. Am I right in thinking Gregor used to write for Shoot magazine? The most taxing question when interviewing a player in that mag is what their favourite biscuit is.
  10. Xg of 25%? Does that mean it's a 1 in 4 chance of scoring?
  11. Because the Mem is on prime real estate that can be sold for a decent wedge and they hope that they can be given a piece of land for the project free of charge or paid for by OPM.
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