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  1. Jay Murray it is then, as long as Weston will release him.
  2. I raise my black gloved hand repeatedly chanting his name.
  3. I'm surprised how well we've done for a ist preseason friendly. Celtic have a Champions league game next Tuesday so should be miles ahead of us in preparation.
  4. Just watched that brilliant spitting image clip, really took me back. Great double act + not a bad footballer 'Jesus saves them but Saint puts in the rebound'. RIP
  5. Some formidable names but I think you may have missed out one massive club with a wealthy generous owner.
  6. I was sorry to see Morrell go but just looked through Luton's last eight games. Morrell has had 1 start 2 sub appearances, 3 unused sub and 2 not in the lineup.
  7. I remember that oxford game and their half time retreat. Also recall an altercation with their coach outside popeye's cafe on the Cumberland basin; not sure if that was pre or post match however.
  8. During the early 70's away fans were frequently in the east end early doors and Birmingham amongst others managed to stay there despite all attemts to move them. Even Rovers did during the Gloucester cup around that time. We did the same at most away games and often stayed the whole match certainly don't ever recalled being dislodged from the town end Swindon except by the police dogs after we knocked the gates down about 2 hours before kickoff one time.
  9. My favourite game of that period was the post Christmas '82 game away to Hereford. I think we started the game 92nd in the football league. An evening match allowing for rare all day drinking, a lot of us there and pitch invasions with many in fancy dress, after each goal in and a 3-1 win.
  10. I was working nights at the time so couldn't go but I remember on the morning of the match probably about 9.00am being on a bus in east street and seeing a group of roughly 30 fans walking along. Probably just come off a night from Glasgow. Some looked a bit worse for wear so I guess they didn't all make it to the match.
  11. That's a really good point about Gillies goals. I hadn't really linked the fact that he had scored both goals in what were probably still the most memorable, to me, away matches since I have followed city.
  12. Does it count when you have to relinquesh your passport when subjected to a football banning order?
  13. Sorry but I don't think that's the point. People relish the anxiety and anticipation of the wait. It's a good chance for feeling hard done by, whilst having a moan on otib. Then the possible excitement of Scott Murray, with photographer behind, coming to the rescue and appearing on your doorstep at the final hour.
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