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  1. Yes always associate Sweet Caroline with Norn Iron and the 2016 euros.
  2. Banning orders in the post.
  3. On reflection just a sad happy clapping b.st..d
  4. Your right my first 2 games were a 2-1 loss to Rotherham and a 3-3 draw with Bury, last 2 games of 66/67 season. I was however hooked and couldn't wait until the start of the next one. 55 years on fed up and disillusioned at the moment, but I'll still be exited and unrealistically optimistic come August.
  5. Still the smyth arms to me, there again I've got to start calling the enclosure the lansdown.
  6. Amazing what a win will do, i enjoyed studying all these photos.
  7. Loads of good memories khere but that Mansfield 5-4 away was top for a match I didn't attend. Before mobile phones, with my mrs broadmead shopping, I would go to the tv department in Debenhams at 4.45 to watch the teletext updates. Down up misery and eventual elation. Me and a few others must have put off any potential tv purchasers. Another favourite was the 3-1 win at Hereford when we were rock bottom of the fourth division 1982. An evening post Christmas match with all day drinking, many in fancy dress. Every goal was followed by a pitch invasion mostly led by several dr marten clad nuns.
  8. Thought we could have had a good old keystone cop chase with accompanying music.
  9. I just wanted to moan about the role and perceived priorities of the police outside after the game. Walking along Ashton road by Duckmoor road there were quite a few coppers standing by the zebra as about 4 or 5 escooters, at least 1 double manned, charged straight through the middle dodging several people as they crossed. They were all in high spirits and It looked quite comical with nobody hurt, but could easily have had a different outcome.
  10. There is nobody that gives 'Colin' more dogs abuse than me, from the moment he enters to the moment he leaves the gate. But I do sometimes wander 'what and if'.
  11. Particularly when we play another 'city' team.
  12. Massengo not taking the isolating very seriously as stopping for photos with kids walking from his car.
  13. 'Short Arse' clap clap clap. 'Short Arse' clap clap clap.
  14. Oh Tweedle Dee oh Tweedle Dum We are the East End and we never run.
  15. I agree, especially as I sit next to my wife,
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