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  1. His hair does look great though.
  2. We don't even know who they interviewed do we ?
  3. Clearly other candidates were not prepared to take a salary drop. The player salary cap announcement is imminent as well so that will have a big impact. Maybe the full financial implications were not known until recently? We and most other clubs are right in the shit now because of Covid. This is simply about survival until the virus goes and we get back to full stadiums
  4. Dean will be on a lot less than Lee and McAllister has gone.
  5. If you lost all income coming in what would you do........start spending more money on designer clothes or use what you already have in your wardrobe? I'm disappointed but I can fully understand why we have had to appoint Deano
  6. And?? He just had to go didn't he. And we've replaced him with someone on less wages and also cut backroom staff. Why don't people get this?
  7. Purely down to Covid/costs. Our spanking new ground will be earning zero money, zilch. We will be oozing money from every orifice. No way can we pay a big name during these uncertain times. Disappointing but completely understandable.
  8. In view of Covid they'll have little choice but to sign. Fam won't leave unless he's pushed out which ain't going to happen. Elliason will need some persuading but if he has an ounce of sense he'll stay.
  9. Walsh, Morrell, Semenyo and Vyner. All at the club already. All raring to prove themselves in first team from outset. Job done.
  10. I doubt any of above will be going anywhere. Definitely not Fam. We must keep him.
  11. Think we are well set in midfield with Walsh and Morrell coming in with Massengo, Nagy, Odowda and Paterson.
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