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  1. If we play Tanner, he will be our 4th right back of the season. Bearing in mind none of them have been injured, that must be a record for September. NP clearly a massive NB fan. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he keeps him at left back. I couldn't really work out if moving Kalas to right back was what tightened us up on Weds or was just coincidence. I did still feel that in the 2nd half their best moves were down our right & TK not much of an improvement on the ball (there was 1 point when the ball came to him in space from a corner. He was in a really good position but to avoid using his left he crossed with the outside of his right & it flew over everyone's heads.
  2. TDarwall


    Maybe its our position in the ground Dave as me & Josh thought similar. Though he played 1 awful pass to Weiman when we had a break. However, picking the wrong pass when in a promising position is 1 of out common failings. Whilst we were more solid 2nd half, they still carved us open down the right somewhat. It's hard to figure exactly where the issue is, but it does worry me how easy teams slice us open & if we're that open v Fulham it will be all over by half time. 2 subs by the start of the 2nd half is very un-Nige like, hopefully it won't be a regular occurrence. I think the home form has def got into the players heads & we're so nervous defending a lead late on. Shame as I think the fans have been excellent in the last 2 games.
  3. Gordon Owen. The ability to break hearts that you'd already broken a little while ago. To be Bannanised. To be desired for years to no avail.
  4. Good to see Benik amongst the goals. 2 already this season I think
  5. Whilst many people are focusing on goals scored, keeping clean sheets would be arguably more valuable. We created more than either Blackpool or Swansea did, yet they both came away with the points.
  6. As long as we avoid a catastrophic injury list like last season there should certainly be a few teams worse than us. The spine of the team (Bents, Kalas, Baker, James, Martin & Wells) is comfortably Championship standard & that's before you even mention JD, KP, AW & COD. However, think the same point applies now as it did 12 months ago; a fully fit Joe Williams makes a huge difference to us. James & King have done ok in midfield (& I've been surprised a bit by King) but I do think we lack a bit of legs/dynamism I'm there & Joe would bring that.
  7. It's concerning that pretty average teams are scoring very cheap goals against us. I'm not an advocate of pulling every goal apart & finding the culprit, but the ones against us this season have all been avoidable, it's not as though we're conceding worldies.
  8. I think my 1st away trip was Home Park around Easter time. It bucketed down & the game was called off quite late. It was rearranged for later in the season, they needed to beat us to seal promotion & hammered us 4 nil. Naively I thought we had a superb away following until they scored & most of the away end erupted with home fans. Probably best we lost really.
  9. Surely long standing loyal season ticket holders have suffered enough?
  10. The 3rd kit will be hand delivered by Messrs Williams & Walsh. Not sure of exact timing but definitely after the next International break.
  11. He certainly had enough freedom to knock the ball a few yards ahead of him & have absolutely no one putting any pressure on him. Still a fantastic hit, mind.
  12. My 1st ever away game was at Griffin Park. They were managed by Frank McLintock & we won 2-1. 1st away game was meant to be Plymouth, but it got rained off late in the day. Went to the rearranged match, they needed to win to get promoted & stuffed us 4 nil. As an innocent young lad I thought we had taken an amazing following, but when the 1st goal went in it became apparent there were loads of home fans in the away end!!
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