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  1. Overall, if you take the game vs Yate last year against this one, we’re streets ahead. Last year we got bullied - this year we stood up. No small part there due to the physical presence at the back with Low and Williams. Wiles-Richards controlled his area well also. Moving further forward Morton impressive as he should be - but didn’t look like a first team player in U23 so the decision to move on looks correct. There was fast movement from Henry, Francois and Edwards - sometimes misdirected but looked to go with pace. Benauroys skilful but held onto the ball far too long and needs to gain awareness. Britton doesn’t do much but score but it’s what else he needs to do. Soady looked impressive, Taylor likewise. All in all a decent performance.
  2. We need someone in the know to answer re Taylor Moore. Gregors about 20 yards from me. I’ll ask…. if he knows anyone
  3. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/robins-tv-live-streaming-for-202122-season/ All as expected, reverts to midweek only unless Sky Sports selected game. Bad news for all except those resident on the Costa Del Downend or similar…
  4. This Ronnie Butler? https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Fly+on+the+brawl+TV%3B+Blood%2C+head+butts+eye-gouging..and+the+BBC+call...-a060847725
  5. It’s not in Yate Town (or Abbotswood IIRC but I was last there a few years ago). At Yate there’s dry and Gold on tap. Think San Miguel as well and Fosters as cooking lager
  6. Not a patch. I might even turn up FKW tonight to prove the point.
  7. The 002 is still there. Now the Abbotswood Inn. Still rough as a badgers arse.
  8. I shall be there! FGR vs Yate was about 250 there. Last year, IIRC, the City game had about 800 there. I would say arrive early but as I’m not there until 7:15, can everyone arrive after that…
  9. Working on precedent I’d say no. Our midweek championship games are red button, this clearly isn’t that. Also, neither of the games in the league cup on the weekend were streamed. I would suggest filming it on my mobile but we’re talking darkest Nailsworth here so not sure I’ll even get one bar!
  10. Just got mine. 399 of the 1300 left
  11. Nope - it’s now gone: Personally, I’m hoping for a Gregor and Nige two hander on a regular basis just to see how long it is before Nige batters him live on air.
  12. I think, with all due respect, you’re missing the point. It isn’t necessarily about TC and his promotions or achievements on paper. It’s about what he represents and symbolises to a lot of people. We’re talking a period where this club was on its knees. Where we were playing people who ran guest houses in Swindon as we didn’t pay them enough to make a living. Where the manager had to drive a van to Darlington to move his star signing. Where it was kids playing - whether good enough or not. And TC oversaw all of that - he didn’t need to necessarily but he did, and he certainly didn’t need to sell tickets and paint the stand. Then, we get through that, and he gives us one of our greatest days at Wembley. And it meant as much to him as it did to us. It isn’t calling it the Terry Cooper stand just for him. It’s calling it that so we can all be reminded of a time when we had our backs to the wall, supported Bristol City now…or never, and came out of it with a club to be proud of. Thats why.
  13. Gutted. The first manager from when I was watching City. Loved the club, that Bolton interview showed TC in entirety but equally was ceding leading the team out to Clive Middlemass and Jock Rae. TC knew the value of every man, and every fan, to the club. Just a fantastic man. Sleep well TC. Absolute Legend of a manager and a man
  14. I think that’s the thing, work rate. With Pitman it was like playing with 10 unless the ball was within a yard of him. Great anticipation and good finisher, but you would be carrying him for 89 minutes out of 90. He’s not going to pull defences left right and centre so he’ll need lots of movement and running around him. I’d call it a risk at 33. Best days behind him, looks to have beefed up a bit, and could struggle unless Rovers have 10 great athletes around him. If they do, he’ll score goals but if I was a Rovers fan, I wouldn’t be shouting from the tent tops yet.
  15. Are you sure you’ve just not got two log ins and you’ve come in under a different email account? @glastonred exists as a different account to @Ark - see below
  16. You didn’t look that anxious playing football darts…
  17. I’m hoping to get to both the FGR and Reading away games in the next month. In the case of FGR, that’s now less than two weeks away and unless I’ve missed something, there’s been no announcement on tickets. Anyone know if there’s been an announcement on sales? @JerrySLO?
  18. I think the big difference this year will be mentality. We were in a huge rut last year, and were happy (under Holden initially) to sneak a game, not believing we could match the other teams. That continued under Pearson as the players were just shot. The getting rid of so many players, plus Ashton, plus Werhun, plus Rolls, removes a lot of baggage - it isn’t that Hunt etc were bad players, but to play that way for that long is mentally draining - I made that point during the season. Even someone like Walsh who didn’t play would be a negative influence - how could he not be while being injured all the time and never getting an opportunity? Fast forward to now. New head of fitness, players - and players with PMA such as Weimann - back fit, Kalas & Nagy off a great euros, proven winners in James and King on board, a hugely promising CB signed and added to a core of young, hungry, academy players of potential. The vibe will be different. We’re not beaten before we get on the pitch. Cautiously Optimistic? Yep.
  19. I think you’ll find that’s the Rovers squad
  20. Why does Rolls suddenly appear, every time, he is near? Just like me, he longs to be, crippling you…
  21. …if this walkabout ever occurred at Ashton Gate..??
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