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  1. Having watched highlights… - Scott is a pen (see below) - Wells shot onto post definitely saved - Definitely pen for Forest - Taylor not offside - Taylor definitely handball So, I reckon of 5 decisions 2 are right (the ones Forests way) and 3 are wrong (the ones our way). That’s not bitter, that’s madness.
  2. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/12438671/bristol-city-1-2-nottingham-forest Highlights…
  3. Didn’t think he was that lucky tbf
  4. I was kind of pointing out the irony of having a username consisting of “Cityloyal” and then writing a note calling City “pathetic”, Ashton Gate a library and saying there was only one way this was ending. But if irony isn’t your bag, feel free to move on…
  5. I’d have a think about changing that username if I were you….!
  6. Tbf I don’t disagree with that - but the question was why Bournemouth had that squad and not us.
  7. I’ve binned (recycled) my FFT this month, but I actually recall it’s even worse. The Memorial Ground is ranked higher than Ashton Gate. Apparently based on these five factors…
  8. It’s ok at the ground spaces wise (decent area and field behind) but a bit of a mare to exit the car park afterwards as it’s single way in/out including the pedestrians. The best bet is to park on the trading estate opposite and walk over. Ground holds about 2000 - although you’ll get some walk ups it’s right on the outskirts of the town so you do get a lot of locals driving up.
  9. I’d say a good season for Yate would be around where they are now, mid-table to top half. Still one of the smaller clubs at that level - compare to WSM, who Yate beat last Tuesday. If they can get in the top 8 or so it’d be a great result, and the housing development that’s helping provide funds for Lodge Road will help move the club forwards. Been down three times this season. Really enjoy it and a nice change of pace from City.
  10. And the answer to that is Bournemouth invested heavily the season they went up and would have probably breached FFP had they not made it. They’ve then had the benefit of 5 odd years of premier money followed by parachute payments. Meanwhile, in the time they’ve been in the prem the EFL have tightened FFP. Around half the division have had embargo’s, fines or deductions. Lansdown, for however rich he is, cannot just throw money at it - we’d get points deducted or other sanctions. Add in that he’s funded the club through Covid while his ex CEO wisely decided to let a £5m striker run his contract down and give value on the pitch, and I think you probably know why Bournemouth are where they are and we are where we are. If they don’t go up, they may be screwed when the parachute closes
  11. Full numbers: #6 away to #78??
  12. Yate went 1-0 up on 7 minutes and held out until the hour. By all accounts, deserved to win. I’m seriously debating whether Lodge Road on Tuesday as a walkable distance trumps AG and a 45 minute drive!
  13. Don’t get me wrong Dave, I’m as keen to pick up on lack of effort as the next man - but I thought a lot of Prings problems today came from Pring. He was poorly positioned and caught out often. O’Dowda could have undoubtedly done better, but Pring had a mare, and COD may have lessened that but not resolved it
  14. Can I go slightly against the grain. I think defensively he was poor, but offensively he was our only outlet first half. Made a few good runs, and put on a more than acceptable chance for Wells that he blazed wide. What summed up COD for me was when he made a driving run, got fouled and earns a free kick in a good position but didn’t beat the front man when taking. I know he’s not popular, but he at least looked like getting us on the front foot.
  15. Can’t see it being a bruiser kind of match? Have they met Joe Williams?
  16. Available on the shop now and you can obviously see it a bit clearer on there. Suits, regrettably, out of stock
  17. Although I have nothing against Probert, who seems a decent sort, Ashton just can’t help himself can he? Bobby Reid and Joe Bryan predated Probert, so the only academy graduate he brought through as head of the academy (or otherwise) who played in the prem is Kelly. So, a stream isn’t hugely arguable (until last years injury crisis) and some appears to be “one”. Dick!
  18. I’d buy a watch from the same place that nice man Wael buys his. I assume, post that, I’d be skint
  19. I don’t know. I’ve heard it’s associated with a lot of clap
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