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  1. That’s one ****ing long childhood….
  2. God, that was confusing to start with until I realised that Hull “members” (other than U10) pay a monthly fee in order to attend games, as opposed to having a season ticket (although it seems an “annual membership” that does the same thing is available. So, basically no Hull fans are STHs, they’re all “members”
  3. To me, the more important point here is where the childrens kit price point is. I’ve not bought a replica shirt for years, and there’s something slightly disturbing about overweight middle aged men trying to squeeze themselves into replica kits. Each to their own though!
  4. As much as anyone who frequents the politics forum will know that I have no time for the bunch of charlatans in Downing Street, I think to make a link from their knobness to the current spate of pitch invasions/violence is a bit of a stretch. A few weeks ago after the Bournemouth game the point was made that a load of city fans arrived late, coked up, stood at the front, didn’t watch the game and generally behaved like arseholes. They didn’t do that because our prime minister broke Covid rules, they did it because they’re arseholes. Just like the guy abusing Viera, just like the guy butting Sharp. The question is, as arseholes gonna arsehole, how we stop them tarring the rest of us with the same brush. (FWIW I think the invasions at Vale, Goodison, Forest and Rovers were totally understandable and sprung from joy/good natured in the main. It’d be awful to lose that spontaneous joy factor through these knobs)
  5. Just coming back to this - away in Norn Ireland all day - Colchester as guessed is the last answer.
  6. Sorry, been offline! All been given bar one that I can see Blackburn Ipswich Accrington Hartlepool Port Vale Crawley
  7. Good question on the Twitter: Now Forest have made it to Wembley, there are only 7 league teams who won’t have played at the new Wembley since it opened in 2007 (three of these also never played at old Wembley). 4 League Two 2 League One 1 Championship Without looking it up, any answers…? NB they can have played at Wembley while non league, a la Rovers…
  8. I think the thing with Hibs is that all you need to be is 3rd to be a success. They’re not competing with Rangers or Celtic really - Aberdeen are in a bit of a mess post McInnes and the ask is really to be “best of the rest” outside the Old Firm. If LJ gets 3rd or 4th and cup run(s) then if I were him I’d start looking back south before the stock worsens again, as delivering those finishes on a sustained basis for anyone outside R&C is like trying to string together league titles
  9. Two things: - The front foot attacking football had gone by Wilson’s last season. He saw how Wigan had ground out games the prior year and reverted to that, meaning we scored 58 goals in 46 games, against 79 goals the season before - Wilson was replaced by Tinnion. I believe, in your ongoing grudge, you are trying to refer to GJ as “Mr Dull” Other than that, spot on as ever…
  10. I had this theoretical discussion with a mate 20 years ago. He absolutely refused to share a changing room with anyone who was gay. I asked why. ”Well they’ll be eyeing me up won’t they?” Now my mate was no oil painting and confirmed that he was sure that not every girl fancied him, but seemed to be absolutely sure that he would be catnip for any gay man. I did try and tell him that, much like he didn’t fancy every woman, gay men didn’t fancy every bloke they saw (and even if they did fancy him could contain themselves in that environment) but he couldn’t accept it. In the slightest. It was the most bizarre conversation I’ve ever had. So yeah, there may be some who are uncomfortable but I’d suggest it’s them who need to get over themselves.
  11. No huge shocks here overall. I think a lot of us called King becoming a player-coach (erring on the latter), and O’Dowda was always going if we didn’t take his contract option - like it or not, he’ll have suitors at this level. Soady is the only minor one for me as I always thought he was highly rated historically but seems to have dropped off radar. Now for the more interesting game of who we extend or sell
  12. Always reminded me of Tony Rougier, Antoine did. Now I know why.
  13. Well, Rondon lasted a long time…
  14. I know it’s not a new observation, but Richarlison really is a ***** isn’t he?
  15. That’s because just like our manager, Yate are ****ing massive! #bluebells!
  16. Nurse! He’s going all misty eyed and middle aged over his teenage crush again….
  17. I think with Hayes it’s more where she wants to go. The fact is, there are very few mens teams that will risk the appointment of a female coach. She may have all the badges in the world and be a fantastic manager, but there is no way I can see that currently a premier league or championship club would put their head above the parapet in view of the perceived risk. And there is a difference at the very least budget/competition wise between the WSL and the mens version, before you get to debates over competition quality If a female coach is to make it in the mens game, they’ll need to be appointed by a disruptor. Vince is one of those. And if a female coach does well at FGR, it breaks down some barriers and may lead to higher level appointments. (And yes, that’s daft as just as every male coach isn’t the same nor is every female) Chelsea women are undoubtedly bigger than FGR. But if Hayes wants to make it into the mens game, they’re probably her highest level way in until attitudes change - and that will only happen by a female coach succeeding in the mens game, so it’s very chicken and egg.
  18. Last throw of the dice or acceptance? Edit - scratch that, just seen spoof account!
  19. This is one of those killing space at end of season trends that comes up on Twitter that I thought would be worth posting here for the same reason! I’d add to the bottom if applicable “kids team” so fire away! Mine, FWIW, are… Grandads Team - Stoke. Grew up round there and played in goal for Stoke schoolboys with Stan Matthews Dads team - Bristol City. Moved down this way and the most local decent club Mums team - Bristol City. Because Dad dragged her into it. And she still goes now Local team - League wise, closest, it’d be Rovers. But I’m having Yate Town Your team - City. Obvs. Kids team - City. They’re indoctrinated and I’d disown them otherwise!
  20. One can only assume that although Vince dangled a carrot in front of Edwards that said Lettuce take FGR forward together, he ultimately soya ambitions were greater and therefore at Watford Edwards could bring home more bacon. Pork showing from the hornets though.
  21. Betting has been suspended on new Watford boss with Edwards, currently in charge of Forest Green, slated to take over. Seems a progressive move but also out of kilter with how Watford have appointed recently. Would imagine it may lead to the next location for Kane Wilson too!
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