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  1. Yep - just needs to wear a head guard in future.
  2. But who would buy us with for what Steve would want + the complexities of Bristol Sport ownership and Bears?
  3. Meltdown that after losing Forest the Forest game in the manner we did - would have expected a performance with a bit of character and to compete. Hate to say it but we are a shambles all over the pitch and will be dragged in to a relagation battle. Would love to be proved wrong.
  4. Who is the **** commentating on the WBA stream - what a complete stroker.
  5. Tried to be positive this year despite some shockers .... but my god we are truly awful.
  6. No imagination whatsoever. Absolutley embarrassing throwings by Kalas - does any of his throws reach any of our players? Fed up with our aimless crossing aswell. Terrible half for us - players need a few harsh words.
  7. ....... are tedious and fruitless.
  8. I was only thinking the other day that I had not seen any posts from him for a while - hope all is well. Not seen him for a long time - a good lad is Nick.
  9. How very sad - always enjoyed his match day threads and contributions. RIP fellow red.
  10. I don't think Ronnie or Roger will let me in.
  11. Abbotswood shops and pub are pretty shocking and in desperate need of investment/knocking down. Some decent take-aways though. Chav central.
  12. Agree with Rice (who I think has re potential as a player) but has been poor in this tournament. For me all Central Midfielders should be multi role, box to box and be able to link defence and attack - I accept that some players will be better in the tackle and some will be more creative, however all should be a able to pass forward and dictate the the game. Would like to see more drive in his performance and not be content with just protecting the defence - not sure if this is down to him or modern coaching. Kane also has been disappointing, but let's not forget how good he can be. Whether he is not fit or his past injuries are catching up with him - I agree he does not look himself but after todays goal hopeful that this kick-start his tournament. Would personally start with Grealish just behind him - think he needs more support further up the pitch.
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