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  1. Shoot , Match and Roy of of the Rovers were the highlight of the week for me - along with watching teletext for score updates (waiting for the pages to change). Roy of the Rovers was great - loved Billy's boots and Hotshot Hamish & Mighty Mouse. Jesus how the world has changed.
  2. Man Utd not comparable to Aston Villa in any way - a huge difference in history,size,fanbase and expectations. I'm not sure the Youth Team (class of 92) can be described as lucky as they were nurtured, coached and blended in to first team with experienced pros perfectly by AF. Certainly not a regular occurrence by any means but the vision by AF, and balls to move on big names like Hughes, Ince and Kanchelskis was massive. Alex Ferguson was ready to stand down anyway due to the years he had put in and his age (also wanted to spend more time with his wife). Not sure how old you are - but Man Utd have always attracted masses of new fans (all over the world) - even during the 80s when they only won the FA Cup - and Liverpool dominated our game. It is true that the Glazers have taken out huge amounts of money out of the club but have still spent massive in the transfer market and currently have the biggest wage bill in world football. Unfortunately they have squandered alot of this - if you consider circa £180 million on Maguire, Wan Bissaka and Fred and all three just look plain terrible. Best part of £90 million each on Pogba and Lukaku and couldn't get a tune out of either. Best part of £115 million on Van de Beek and Sancho (who both look quality) and Ole can't find a place in his team. The real issue for United is Woodward who has obviously done well on commercial deals for the club but his football decisions have been awful.
  3. Correct - and previousley Nige had endorsed Kieth and Paul but their departure had suggested some tension/fallout. Coupled with the lack of application from the players would suggest an unhappy camp. Agree with your earlier post that all very strange going-ons at the gate. I am not convinced that covid is the real issue here (not disputing that he has not had covid) but think there are other issues (all gut feeling). Something just does not feel right and I think he'll be gone this/next week. Worth noting that I have been on the Malbec so may come over as a drama queen!
  4. Nor me - that interview by Gould on RB was definetly priming the fan base for something. I just can' t see him coming back.
  5. It's fine with me , if anybody asks - I signed it off
  6. Yep - just needs to wear a head guard in future.
  7. But who would buy us with for what Steve would want + the complexities of Bristol Sport ownership and Bears?
  8. Meltdown that after losing Forest the Forest game in the manner we did - would have expected a performance with a bit of character and to compete. Hate to say it but we are a shambles all over the pitch and will be dragged in to a relagation battle. Would love to be proved wrong.
  9. Who is the **** commentating on the WBA stream - what a complete stroker.
  10. Tried to be positive this year despite some shockers .... but my god we are truly awful.
  11. No imagination whatsoever. Absolutley embarrassing throwings by Kalas - does any of his throws reach any of our players? Fed up with our aimless crossing aswell. Terrible half for us - players need a few harsh words.
  12. ....... are tedious and fruitless.
  13. I was only thinking the other day that I had not seen any posts from him for a while - hope all is well. Not seen him for a long time - a good lad is Nick.
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