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  1. What about the FA Cup comment then, not the same principle to you? Not bleating, too old for that my friend - I’ll drop to your level, off you go to do your homework
  2. Do you think City offer entertaining football then? If it weren’t for the lesser nations or smaller football league teams, it wouldn’t be the beautiful game it is at the top hey? If Man City or United fans suggested the likes of City shouldn’t appear in the FA Cup, would you feel the same? I am Welsh by the way, I just don’t get why people continually knock smaller teams..and by the way, England have hardly hit the heights, have they?
  3. So in the same vain, why not just have a Premier league with ten top teams in and bugger everybody else, City included? Strange comment..
  4. I’m Welsh and have been a City ST holder for 30 or so years, great result and possibly not deserved, but just wish it was against any other side than Ukraine..lovely nation of peaceful people, so sad what they are going through.
  5. Any idea when it is? Palmer, O Dowda etc...
  6. Renewed because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t bother going - not enjoying it but it’s just about better than shopping with the missus
  7. As much as I try to always be positive, I too left the ground yesterday feeling totally disillusioned. I can deal with a lack of quality on the pitch, as in football, you generally get what you pay for, and there are far better players and teams in this division. That said I agree some of our players for whatever reason are under performing and lacking consistency. What I can’t deal with though, and I made my feelings very clear to the players as they walked around after the game, is the total lack of passion and effort - it’s a real privilege to be a professional footballer and nothing should be left on the pitch. Some hardly broke a sweat yesterday and it leads you to wonder if they actually care. I am starting to get concerned about NP, as there is clearly something wrong, some players just don’t seem to be playing for him. What I would say though is that we all knew this was his first real season at the helm, and right from the start, we were aware it was a three year journey - it’s tough for him as we are broke and continue to face difficult trading times due to the inept (very well paid) people who have created this mess. As hard as it is to hear, I appreciate his honesty, we have all wanted this but some now seem uncomfortable with hearing it as it is. I have renewed our ST’s as I am prepared to go with this and stick by NP. I would however say that if we continue to struggle well into next season, my opinion will have changed! I have been coming at AG for over 30 years, most of that as a ST holder, and believe me, there have been times worse than this, that’s for sure. Tough, but come on, stick with OUR side - COYR!
  8. It’s a strange thing to say after a home loss but how incredible was that to see so many youngsters in City shirts, and not just representing us, they did so with such class! Okay, they made the odd mistake but that’s all part of growing in the game. So comfortable on the ball, not at all afraid to try things and not one looks out of place to be fair. NP gets a lot of stick, some justified, but well done him for developing and promoting our youth players this season - perhaps not all by choice but let’s give credit where it is due. And for anybody dwelling on ST renewals shortly, yes, we might be forced to sell one or two, but heck, with some experience being added to their potential, exciting times are surely ahead! COYR...
  9. Completely understand your views, I just feel NP will be given time to change things - he is the level head we need. We need new players but can’t afford them. The fault (I.e. squad) here is mostly the failings of previous coaches and the previous leader sadly. I find NP refreshing in many ways, but like many, if we are in a similar place in 12 months time, I might well feel different...
  10. Putting this another way, what will you gain by dwelling on and feeling down about the past (that you cannot change) or feel better about looking forwards to an improved performance against Reading?
  11. We will get at least a point versus Reading, you’ll feel better soon and we will stay up..!
  12. Why get so annoyed when we play the odd bad game and things don’t work? We aren’t going up, we aren’t going, we are a team in transition with a badly balanced, small squad? We have turned a corner generally speaking, haven’t we..? We were all aware what we were signing up for this season, okay, yes it’s frustrating on times, but this is season one of the three we have been told it is going to take before we start looking upwards again. Our finances are in a shocking state and it stops us signing quality players. There are lots of positives if you care to find them, and whilst it’s disappointing, there really is no need for knee-jerk reactions when things don’t go our way. I enjoy listening to NP’s honesty and am prepared to support his longer term aims... We’ll get there!
  13. But they have played four more games than the team above from memory?
  14. Think I am correct in saying he has never managed a side to Promotion? Sunderland are drifting away from automatic so I guess they feel he has taken as far as he can perhaps?
  15. Think Max has better distribution than Bents but that’s about it for me unfortunately, if NP suggests players must play well to stay in, he should get dropped after two bad games..
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