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  1. This isn’t aimed at the club, it’s Manager, SL or anybody officially connected to our club for that matter, it’s aimed at many of our so called ‘fans’. I too am disappointed at where we are as a club BUT we all know how we have arrived at this point. Significant numbers this season renewed ST’s knowing full well that we have a small squad lacking general quality. We were always destined to struggle this season and anything above the relegation zone was acceptable come the end - we are where we expected to be, surely? What really annoys me though is the awful, highly personal vitriol spread by many. Football fans now seem to demand instant success and don’t seem to appreciate players and Managers are doing their best plus that they are people after all! They too feel shit after losses and it hurts them badly too. Why do people bother posting negative rubbish on a regular basis, all it seeks to do is help people spiral into even more of a negative world. Life is hard enough without continually slagging people and situations off. People underestimate how important confidence is in any worker and that includes footballers, imagine being told by many people on a regular basis you are shit at what you do, and they then wonder why you aren’t performing. Are some not aware some of our players are actually kids? One window into a three year development journey, all aimed at a much needed rebuild exercise and fans are singing about ex players and that NP is getting sacked in the morning, wtf..? We go again on Saturday when OUR team needs you, and remember if you keep screaming at people that they are shit, they will quickly believe you, I think with the title ‘supporters’ there’s a clue in the title .
  2. Does anybody know how much we could actually spend on a striker and wide men if we wanted to? I have just read an article suggesting that based on Newcastle’s finances / profit / returns etc., the new owners can spend a maximum of £198M on incoming players without breaching the rules. I read regularly on here that we can’t spend even if we wanted to because of FFP but what are the facts please, does anybody actually know?
  3. Are you pleased with our league position at this point, better than you expected..?
  4. Okay, let’s be honest, we got stuffed today and had we lost 5 nil, it would have been appropriate. That said they are pretty much a Premiership side and started this season with a £20 odd million parachute payment. It’s disappointing as for whatever reason, there was no press, commitment or apparent effort from some but there we go, it happens. I would however comment that we are most certainly going the right way - just 4 losses in 12 games this season, a minus 1 goal difference, just 4 points off the play offs? Is NP not what we have been asking for for a long time, so can we not just get behind his honest approach and give him the three seasons he suggested he needs to turn us around? I never bet against City but, if I did, today would have been the day, just about everything was up against us, and B’Muff did really well, fair play to them. Their quality in depth is incredible to be fair and I have no doubt they will go up this season. I am glad we have Tuesday to come when we go again. Okay today was always going to be hard but, let’s be honest we will have some much easier games to come, the home win will come. Finally, how wonderful to see all fans join together for the minutes applause in the 7th minute - let’s hope the young lad Brooks responds well to treatment and is given the all clear in the near future, well done to all who quite rightly joined in, so nice to see and hear!
  5. I have had the chance to reflect on last nights game and feel the need to highlight a key factor. For the record, I’m in my 50’s and have been a ST holder for around three decades. I took two people last night, and both commented during the first 20 minutes just how far we had come on since last season. Okay, it didn’t go the plan afterwards but importantly, we didn’t lose. A couple of points - at the end of the day, what did we each sign up for this season when renewing ST’s? We knew NP inherited a poor situation, he had no option other to ship out many seasoned pros. He has a squad whereby he has no option other to try and make it fit as best he can? He does not have the chosen two specialists per position at his disposal. The best analogy I can make is that it’s like asking a skilled mechanic to service a car either with tools that don’t quite fit or with interior parts - all he can do for now as he gradually adds to his tool box, is do his best? At the end of the day, we didn’t lose and we have only lost two out of our first seven games?! Would we not have taken that at the start of the season, and three games unbeaten..? The main factor I want to highlight though gives me real optimism for the future, and it’s our youngsters in the singing section. For ages now, many of our dare I say older ‘supporters’ have been quick to jump on negativity and the opportunity to berate or boo our team? Last night though, whilst perhaps some of the slightly or much older folk started to turn and boo (based on those around me in the SS), the singing section youngsters stayed with the side and did their best to lift them. Confidence in players is incredibly important, and fair play, our youngsters stayed positive throughout - I felt incredibly proud, they never gave in and did their best. That, along with a seasoned, straight, honest Manager, fills me with optimism, mid table is fine this season thanks and let’s look forward to a more stable, progressive future - it finally feels as though in NP (and with reduced expectancy for now) we are going in the right direction..is he not what we have all been asking for for some time now?
  6. In SL’s recent interview did he not say we still had room for manoeuvre should the right potential signing come along?
  7. I’ve got a tenner on City, come on, always believe
  8. Good post, sums matters up nicely. My concern relates to the quality and depth of our scouting network. It’s well known that Southampton has taken the cream of local youngsters, but not only that, when you see what the likes of Brentford and Swansea have achieved over the years, it makes you realise we are some way behind. ive always had the impression we took many punts without too much of a strategy, explains nicely why we sign many good players and make them worse by playing them out of position..!
  9. Fair points, well made. I guess the only we have pretty much all made to this point is Richard Gould - we haven’t seen much of him to this point but let’s hope he can pull a few rabbits out of the hat too..!
  10. Completely agree but we are where we are. Having been a ST holder for over three decades, there have been many times far worse than this. We do expect progress soon and the odd win here and there, and we will all feel much better, it’ll come..
  11. Feel free to correct me but this is NP’s competitive game ratio since taking over at City, 2 wins out 16 and 9 losses. As daft as it sounds though, it doesn’t concern me in the slightest. The problems we have aren’t of his making. He has inherited a shambles of a playing squad, split and with some players clearly not wanting to be here hence the lack of effort and going through the motions. Three seasons to rebuild and compete was mentioned at the start of the season and less than three games, many fans are pressing the panic button. This season will undoubtedly be one where we lose more than we win but, the intention was always to gradually rebuild and stabilise. If fans attend expecting to see glamorous, expansive football, you will be disappointed. Let’s be honest with a Harry Potter wand, turning what he inherited into a Championship winning team is simply not possible. For me, MA has a lot of this to answer for, simply put, recruitment over the past few seasons has been absolutely terrible. We all want to see City playing attractive football and winning every week but, it’ll take time. The difficulty is most fans were fed up before NP came in hence patience was tested well before he arrived. We’ve drawn two games out of two this season, okay the penalties went against but understand NP has at least managed at the top level and has proven that he does know what he is doing. It would be easy to start booing etc., over the coming weeks but the future will be good, some great youngsters coming through and a side being built that will enable us to complete in the future. Hard but stay with it, we will be back!
  12. We all wanted an experienced Manager and one who has worn the T-shirt, we have that now and need to be patient. He’s cleared a lot of dead wood and is bringing our talented youngsters through which is great to see. He will make decisions some fans feel uncomfortable about like not using Nakhichevan today but it’s a like a decision over a 50:50 tackle, somebody will always have their take and be disappointed with the outcome. I personally wanted Hughton but what has he done since being at Forest, and remember he inherited a much stronger squad than ours. Internal splits have been addressed, we will always win, draw or lose as a team under him and players will always understand their honest position. This is season is the start of a rebuilding exercise, it’s the problem nowadays, fans expect instant results. If we’d won today, we would all have felt much better but, we didn’t, so get behind the lads and remember this isn’t last season any longer..!
  13. That’s before the ST discount?
  14. Lovely to see Weimann back and Williams too, introducing a couple of youngsters who with time will be great assets. We cleared had a split camp last season but that wasn’t evident today..
  15. We’ve renewed three, look forward to whatever comes next
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