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  1. Ruud Gullit, Sampdoria to Chelsea in 1995
  2. What about Shakespeare‘s Sisters?
  3. But it does get you to our second ever major final……. Inept,
  4. Keep. Most managers have ‘go-to’ players, and despite the core of Maguire, Pickford, Stones, Kane, Sterling and Walker the other places seem up for grabs. There is a real togetherness in the team and I credit the manager with that spirit. He is a very good fit for England and has dragged them up from the low points of Roy Hodgson and Allardyce. The argument is flawed unless you have the name of a successor who is available and would take the job. Keep
  5. Dean Saunders, a man stealing a living. Appalling analysis, no pedigree and openly anti English....
  6. Patently you know more about the roots of the BLM movement and it’s core leadership. But i stand by the fact that people label people of Marxists without understanding what that means; obviously not you. However, that is only an element of my post. I am a fervent believer in meritocracy and being able to achieve all you can in life because of your ability and effort, and that is why I believe the hat taking the knee is a good thing. It highlights the additional struggle that black peoples have to undergo in order to achieve parity. Football should be more representational in regards to persons of colour at the seniority echelons. if players taking the knee helps level the playing fields for all people, of all cultures and creeds, then that is for the greater good, and I would applaud anyone who takes that stance.
  7. It’s comical how people roll out that BLM is a Marxist organisation. How many people on this forum, or across the football family, understand Marxist theology?? I certainly don’t, however, I do know that the UK press roll out this label for many left of centre political ideals. Can we please agree that the historical injustices against people from the black community are real and that all people should have an equal opportunity in life to achieve what they can to the best of their ability. In football this means that black people should have a representation across the senior management and administration of our game that is reflective of society and perhaps as a reflection of the numbers of black players in the English game; 25%.
  8. Says who...... You sound like someone repeating cheap sound bites.
  9. Got to be worth a fiver......
  10. I disagree. NW was an exceptional Championship striker prior to joining us. That we have not been able to exploit his talents says more about us than him.
  11. I am shocked how many are saying that DP is not all that. He has been head and shoulders the most consistent and important player this season. Yes, he has weaknesses, but his positives massively outweigh his negatives. Max may turn into a decent GK, but he is a risk, and one we do not need to make. The best keeper we have had sine AB.
  12. Why can’t they talk it through like they do in Rugby Union?
  13. Can I at least slag off someone’s who was equally inept as our players. The referee was a disgrace, Coventry players taking throw ins and free kicks at leisure and apparently from where they liked. The penalty looked like a dive to me?? Was there any contact?? i had to go for a 4 mile run to calm down, and nearly got ran over by an old granny at a zebra crossing
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