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  1. I think that you’re right but how do we end up with O’Dowda marking Mitrovic from a corner?
  2. From recollection we were interested in a Yugoslavian (as was). Much press coverage because he was continental but never signed.
  3. Sebok was ok I thought!
  4. We did - they were genuine contenders and brought a massive following.
  5. Superb keeper - best in my lifetime.
  6. Regularly 20,000+ in the 50s at Ashton Gate and Eastville.
  7. Sadly very true. There’s lots of talk about inconsistency (either the team or individual) but actually inconsistency is just a symptom of not being good enough at the relevant level.
  8. Need to be careful with that argument - (Scottish) North Sea Oil was the only thing that kept the Thatcher government solvent in the 80’s.
  9. Apart from all of the dead people of course.
  10. I was too young to remember his first few games so can’t really help. There was something about the team that ultimately got promoted “growing together” though. 72/73 and 73/74 we were good but inconsistent but by 74/75 the year before we got promoted we were turning into a really solid side and almost unbeatable at home. I hope you’re right!
  11. Steady on! I like Alex but we had Gerry Gow at 17!
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