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  1. Some decent attacking football on the pitch might help.
  2. Assuming they are giving tickets to people illegally parked, what’s the issue? Perhaps everybody should be allowed to do what they want - that would make a better world!
  3. Miserable as hell. Hungover from night before. F**ng freezing.
  4. Oh yes. My first game of the season new ground. Early season, full of optimism. Pathetic.
  5. That was as grim as anything for a decade or so. Tranmere - conceding 6 on a Friday night 89/90 wasn’t fun.
  6. Yes! In the enclosure. Whatever anybody’s view of the quality of the programme it did bring us national tv coverage.
  7. When you’re as old as me you get a feeling about certain players. You just know that however talented they are that they won’t make it. I would love Bakinson to prove me wrong.
  8. Oh dear. That was awful. Bakinson is a liability. Martin poor. COD shocking.
  9. I’m glad you have clarified that. It read to me that your main point was to have a go at Lansdown.
  10. Very true. I lived in Lancashire for 15 years and saw this us everywhere north of Birmingham and our following. aside from a few obvious exceptions, was usually average at best. Yet most of these towns/cities much better than Reading or Milton Keynes for a day out.
  11. Seen us at Preston with much fewer. If we were away tomorrow we wouldn’t take any more.
  12. I’m quite pleased with that!
  13. Guessing. Preston, Bolton, Blackburn, Sheffield Weds, Notts County, Aston Villa, Derby, Everton, Burnley, Huddersfield Stoke and Darwen.
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