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  1. This is a good summary. My worry is that we look much the same as we did last year. Poor defensive unit with individuals prone to mistakes. Inability to keep a clean sheet or protect a lead - we’ve been ahead into the second half of all three of our league genes - and over reliance on Weimann’s goals and apparent lack of fitness in late stages of games.
  2. I use the internet but desperately miss the printed programme. Not comparable.
  3. Chillax! You sound unnecessarily bitter.
  4. Absolutely reasonable and very sensible!
  5. Think we were 4th when we got out of that league. I remember being pretty damn pleased.
  6. Hate to say it but well done to them. They’ve been incredible since Xmas and todays result equally so.
  7. And our worked for us - thanks very much.
  8. We’ll try that thanks!
  9. My son has lost his wallet and thus his season ticket. I’m guessing there must be a process whereby he proves who he is and can be issued with a substitute ticket (I’m sure ur happened before but can’t remember what we did). Does anybody know what we need to do? Thanks in anticipation.
  10. Thanks Billy. Do you really believe that if we sold the whole squad it would recoup £40m in the current transfer market? If so rather think you’re in LaLa Land! And in what way has Pearson created this value? Our most marketable players - Massengo, Scott and Semenyo were already here and he’s not a hands on coach (but his own admission). BTW I really do understand the disaster we are stuck in. I saw it yesterday and have been watching for 50 years so have plenty of perspective (in addition to my “superficial understanding of football”)
  11. I assume this is a joke (but I have been drinking)
  12. Great night - my trip home was shorter (Rochdale). Wedding Present top of their game at the time - saw them half a dozen times in a couple of years - loved Brassneck!!!!
  13. Bit harsh on Jevons - better goals to games ratio than any of Semenyo, Martin or Wells!
  14. I agree 100% with this and whilst I haven’t read the thread I am sure everybody will agree. So why, as an experienced coach, did Pearson think playing James and Williams and dropping Massengo and playing Bell at RB was a good idea? My son and I were perplexed when we heard the line up as were others we spoke to. Genuine question.
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