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  1. if i was one of the players i would not want to play for him and would hope he got the boot.
  2. the sad thing is many women do the same as they live in fear of there other halfs,so a bully boy barton and other bullys gets away with it.
  3. joey Barton couldn't beat an egg the wet lettuce bully boy he is
  4. impressed with young boy benarous looks a tricky clever player
  5. to be fair i dont think he would be on the pitch much today after receiving to many greetings cards from the refs
  6. many grass root games over here being called off.i fear for grass roots football this year
  7. everyone ones thinks that being a goal scorer makes you a good penalty take well i truly put that myth to bed
  8. to be fair if the Bristol bears coach had watched some of my penalty's they may have wanted me as the kicker yes that bad
  9. we have had a good tournament and the young lads will learn from this.one thing i will say is you can not right off a 34 and 36 year old centre half as chiellini and bonucci bloody outstanding, both no how to manage a game and are very clever in the dark arts of the game. when chiellini new he was beat by saka he had no hesitation to grab him by the shirt and rip him to the ground some might call it cheating some may call it first class defending.this is something i hope np will bring in at city as we have been to soft over the years on penalty's no ones to blame i scored goals for fun over the years but by god was i a shite penalty take always change my mind in the run up and missed 13 in my career
  10. im with you, always thought on paper we have some good solid players, it just needed a good solid man like np to get the best out of them on grass. The easy street days for the players are over and with some good additions James and king being leaders, Atkinson bringing a good bit of height at the back which we have lacked since flint and webby. We dont have to have 11 fantastic players to go places we just need a solid fit %100 team pulling in one direction.
  11. that is luke thomas from the forest of dean. Funny thing is Luke has always wanted to put the red kit on
  12. at home with a nice cold Stowford press
  13. i feel this is a good strong signing and to be honest there is a few more leicester reserves players i would not mind. Any decisions Nigel makes im with him all the way. Anyone that has ever managed no matter what standard will know the first thing you do is seek out a few players you can trust.
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