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  1. going for 2.2 today,but hope we can get all 3 points,anything less than a point i feel the forum may not be pretty tonight.
  2. makes i laugh on here, how the hell can people slate kp when he has not even crossed the white line.i would like to see kp get a good run of games like he did when benik was here.all fans like to blame players but a good solid coach should know how to get the best out of them, what makes them tick and get the passion and pride out of them. Like it or not we have no passion no pride, no commitment no structure no pace and worse of all we cant find a formation that can put us on the front foot. Are football is boring to watch and has been for a long time.im not sure what nige is like in a changing room but if its anything like his interviews im not surprised the players look half asleep and disinterested. I use his interviews to help me sleep/better than taking a sleeping tablet and natural
  3. next 3 games are important no wins in them i think i will be time for big nige to go.just cant see any improving signs still making the same mistakes, still bottling challenges and still not creating chances,
  4. next 3 games very important.no wins in there i think it will be time to go rather see a new man with the jan transfer window pending
  5. come on chaps got to have some respect for baker with that one.that looked bad hopefully he will be ok
  6. cant never understand why we have no shape or structure to the side and just so weak in the tackle. Then to many players get drawn to the ball and once again we concede. Its bloody basics just be better than the man your marking.so frustrating
  7. 1 pass takes 4 players out 2nd pass takes 2 players out sunday league defending
  8. loved watching it and fair play 2 them both for getting in the middle of the fans.we need to sign jimbo on
  9. big dosser


    why is everyone so sure nige is ill with covid or the flu,has anyone heard anything else
  10. the problem i always see with this,is once again another player we could not get the best out of
  11. as most fans and players know in professional football of Sunday league in the last minutes put the bloody ball in row z. this habit started against Blackpool and seems to be a continuing trend.as we all know a big part of football is having a strong mentality in panic situations,im afraid are players mentality is very weak and without a strong leader on and off the pitch we are going to keep struggling. We have struggled for a hard horrible leader on the pitch for to long and this needs to change quick as the young lads got no one to look up to.
  12. to be fair hr i did not go in the week but 5 of our lads did and they echo what you have said.as i said last week i was on the fence with np but he needs to turn it around quick.fair play to alot of posters on here for backing and i give them my full respect for that.what i cant understand is all the excuses being made for him,never known it with any other man in charge but as i said fair play to the posters that can stay postive.
  13. made i laugh if you think 15mins in all the games we played is good enough,commitment is week in week out for every minute your on the pitch.and just rembember barnsley missed 2 bloody sitters
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