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  1. the championship is a tough league and i think sometimes we forget this. I think we are doing average but to be better entertained we need a few pacey players to get are bums of the seats. Not everyone will agree with this i know but i feel most clubs try to play the pep way which is great when you have the players but it does become a bit of a chess match.im sure alot watch itv 4 match revisited thats the football i would love to see. Yes i know will never happen but one can hope.
  2. spot on sir i for one can never understand why sl gets abuse one of the best chairman in the country
  3. big dosser


    the goal is one you see in local football all the time, keeper and defender not sure what to do so both kind of leave it instead of row z
  4. bas savage to getting so close to achieving your goal only to fall or get shot at the final hurdle
  5. a good friend of mine sadly is gas but does have a sense of humour, said to him last week do you watch the big match revisited on itv4.i said how old and tatty grounds look and the state of the pitches and kits in 1975 to which he replied i dont need to watch itv 4. i see it live every f///king home game did make me chuckle love him
  6. to be fair the green portoloos and yellow skips do add a bit of colour and i quite like the cracked wooden vintage signs
  7. take no notice of others i quite like your updates,got to be honest never really liked swindon but for some reason this year with ben garner i want you to do well.not sure why
  8. i would say his paper round was seriously up hill
  9. he scores goals my lord he scores goals andi weimann he scores goals nah boring
  10. 10 men barrow just equalised how i laugh
  11. always thought we had good players just needed to play as a solid team, big nige and the players is making that happen
  12. get it in the corner and sit on the bloody ball
  13. famous 5 mins i cant take it having a smoke
  14. andy is like a jack russel crossed with a pitball
  15. bloody shaking with nerves,long time since i have had that feeling
  16. have we found a striker with confidence
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