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  1. I feel this is a great point on the stop gap which we will take note of with the contract given,i feel it may only be 1 year
  2. I agree with you %100 and if I had the money I would buy the club and sweep them under the carpet,the problem is they are the money and yes they can do what ever they want with the club you are kids and grandkids love and the sad thing is there money will always win
  3. bris red I agree 80s/90s and early 20s would go to any game I could but like you I have also lost interest in the way the club is run give me the east end back and the old club shop any day
  4. im as gutted as anyone we did not bring a big name in but it is not deans fault,all I hope is he gets us playing attacking football again,gets the team to get us off are seats and the atmosphere back.and for me keep myself in my seat for the whole game instead of going down for a couple of pints at 3.30 where I have been that bloody pissed off with the rubbish we have been served
  5. lets all be honest chaps we have had some right old ding dongs on here for the last couple of weeks which has caused many of us to have a right go at each other and this is caused by the love and passion for are beloved club {yes are club Bristol city) if you agree or don't with the appointment one thing is for sure if I had the chance to manage Bristol city fc I would step up in a heartbeat and im sure most of you would to. i will give dean the upmost respect for taking on the challenge and get behind him and the team as much as i can. i feel this is the time we all need to pul
  6. welcome no need to apologise feel free to say what you feel being a city fan you have earned the right,take no notice of some on here they could cause a argument in a phone box and like to hide behind there keyboard
  7. call me a tosser that's fine water of a ducks the second part I want forget and that is a promise see you soon
  8. mark ashton first class overated tosser
  9. agree but we are now going into the 4th week,i just feel we may be holding out just in case some one becomes available that none of us would ever expects
  10. I am starting to think the delay is a tactic until the prem ends just in case a certain mr howe or mr smith becomes avalible
  11. I do have to ask how many of you have played football,wells has no service has been in and out of the team like a bloody yoyo,anyone will tell you who has played football there is nothing worse than having manager that has no confidence in you,all are centre forwards are half decent but they don't get a run of games to prove it,lets be bloody honest here not one of are players are guaranteed there spot on a Saturday,imagine turning up every week not knowing if your playing or not is a shite feeling.
  12. made this point last week he needs to step up if dad does not like it tough
  13. hopefully john steps in on this one and says dad enough is enough
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