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  1. Long overdue, so many games get ruined because a goal can completely kill some games and also ends with home teams being cagey and negative for fear of conceding at home.
  2. Thanks, that would have been my guess but it's not clear and could do with a sentence explaining refunds or additional charges during the switch window.
  3. I'm confused by the faq's on the season ticket renewals page. We want to move from landown wings to South stand as one of our group isn't going. However if we can't get decent South Stand seats we'd want to stay where we are. Faq's says all I can do is renew my seat, will lose it if I don't renew before the short swapping window. Faq also states that refunds aren't given. Reason for moving is that there is one in our group definitely not renewing and they were the only one bothered about having a better seat on the side so we want to move somewhere cheaper, but the non renewer sorted the tickets previously so we don't know what we're doing. Faq's aren't very good as I can't see my situation answered and also can't think it's too uncommon and if there is a simple way to do this there are some contradictions in the faq's and I can't tell the correct course of action to take.
  4. There is no doubt its a crap system at times, I got my tickets no problem but despite setting up my account with my current e-mail address and all my settings being for my current email address right at the end they say they've sent the tickets to and completely different email address which i assume was linked to my supporter i.d. i cannot find a way of changing it.
  5. I can't remeber it ever being this late. But it has ranged from about a week in advance to the morning before. I've certainly always been able to set it to record for home games the morning before I leave for work.
  6. I'm pretty sure around the late 90's rovers spent the first few games of the season with small goals. Maybe the first season at the memorial.
  7. Dunk is there. And Wood. Just severely lacking in midfielders. But we do all know Wood is best on the left wing.
  8. The current squad isn't going to be immune from a relegation fight. 28 points from the last 26 games (I think) shows that over a sustained period of time the squad is capable of that. We've lost Brownhill and Smith plus a few loans gone from that period and are getting a few league 1 loanees back. Obviously we are yet to see any more ins and outs but it's possibly we will be weaker but could obviously sign some gems. We're also yet to see what Holden and co. can do in training but it's definitely within a likely range that we'll be mixing it at the wrong end of the table so it's a valid question to ask how low do we go before his job is in question. I think if we're rooted after about 10 games then he'd be gone, but I don't think it's likely. If we're bottom 3 after around 20-30 games then he'd be gone, which I think is less likely. If we're bottom 8 by the end of the season he'd probably go then. We've given most managers apart from Cotterill in the Lansdown era longer than they deserved, cotterill aside, so I see nothing changing there so things will have to be really bad for him to go I expect.
  9. Exactly right. It was calculated and selfish. Must win game to keep the season alive and he did that. It's not like he's some young superstar who just needs a little guidance to kick him on, he's an aging player whose legs have gone and has a bad temper. After that red card he shouldn't ever have been anywhere near our first team ever again. He's a bottom half of championship defender at best and is only getting worse, for the purposes we got him of covering an injury crises he was fine but he's been a mainstay of an awful defense and has really only shown competence in back to the walls circumstances, if we're planning to play next season defending in our own box the whole time then we'd might as well throw in the towel now.
  10. He had a total meltdown last season for stoke and got sent off. Looked like a toddler having a fit. He's been off the pace all season for us, clearly knows how to defend but his legs don't always let him.
  11. I'm not sure if this has been covered elsewhere already but I did a quick search and couldn't see anything having been posted about this, I haven't read the whole thread but... the first thing that occurred to me is that surely with options 1 and 2 is that these are a breach of data protection laws (maybe 2 less so as you have to opt in to this one). I am by no means an expert of the regulations but I wouldn't have thought that the intended purpose of holding season ticket holders names was to print them in a programme or have them listed on a shirt. There is no way of opting in to options 1 or 2 whilst also say don't use my name to list on or shirt or in a programme. Personally it doesn't bother me having my name used for either of those purposes but on the face of it I think it looks like a misuse of personal data to me, especially when the message in a crude way is respond to this e-mail by Tuesday or we'll print your name in a programme by default. I don't see how it can be legal.
  12. This may be a massive whoosh from me but I think you are calling me a see you next tuesday for pointing out that redskin can be considered a racist term, otherwise I'm completely lost with that comment.
  13. Ironic coming from someone whose username can be considered a racist term.
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