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  1. Ipswich away, the season we made the play off final , that match with Hull. Wife moaned I was driving too much and I should go by train. Train to London broke down, and the train to Ipswich stopped at every single station on the way. Arrived too late for the pub, missed the first 10 minutes of the game, and we lost 6-0. Train back was just as slow. Last time I listened to the Mrs.
  2. Arsenal 0 Bristol City 1 First match in the top division, City fans every where, a fantastic performance, great win , and totally smashed by the end of the night
  3. Not as far as I know, I looked it up last year and had no problem viewing. The Charlton fans site seems to suggest a “ taking the knee” debate turned very Millwall and the site admin closed it. Don’t know if this is true, but seems possible.
  4. Anyone notice that the Millwall forum ( north stand) is down and has been for a while? May be a technical fault, or have they been misbehaving again ?
  5. If you want to do The Shard for free, go to the bar, it’s on about the 36th floor but the views are amazing, have a pee whilst up there, quite surreal. Drinks are hotel prices, but worth having one just for the view.
  6. The old school Millwall aren’t really a problem, you can have a laugh with them, it is the stupid little chavs that can get annoying. Compared to the 70’s/ early 80’s it’s more like the pussy cats basket than the lions den
  7. Sounds fun, I still like the buzz of London Bridge and the market
  8. On the way in, fine, on the way out after a last minute City winner, would be a very different experience
  9. Well I’m going, get to London Bridge, lots of good pubs/ restaurants, then one stop to South Bermondsey and your own walkway in to the away end. What’s not to like . The police even give you an escort out
  10. I think with NP we are progressing in that at least a style of play is developing, however we concede far too many chances and could easily have lost the last four matches if the opposition had brought their shooting boots with them, I really hope Fulham leave theirs in London. I am positive about the future but think we are a long way from the finished article
  11. Or to sum up, we were complete crap
  12. This is too painful to watch, totally inept.
  13. Don’t bother till the kid is about 8, they don’t have the ability to hold their attention for 90 minutes and you will spend more time taking them to the loo than watching the match.
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