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  1. Sounds fun, I still like the buzz of London Bridge and the market
  2. On the way in, fine, on the way out after a last minute City winner, would be a very different experience
  3. Well I’m going, get to London Bridge, lots of good pubs/ restaurants, then one stop to South Bermondsey and your own walkway in to the away end. What’s not to like . The police even give you an escort out
  4. I think with NP we are progressing in that at least a style of play is developing, however we concede far too many chances and could easily have lost the last four matches if the opposition had brought their shooting boots with them, I really hope Fulham leave theirs in London. I am positive about the future but think we are a long way from the finished article
  5. Or to sum up, we were complete crap
  6. Don’t bother till the kid is about 8, they don’t have the ability to hold their attention for 90 minutes and you will spend more time taking them to the loo than watching the match.
  7. I agree DaSilva was not up to speed tonight but I think we need to give him a little time after his long injury layoff
  8. Because Man City are reigning Champions? Simples
  9. They camped in a field behind a mate of mine, one morning he woke up to find his trailer gone and wheel marks going directly across the field to their camp. He called the police and they refused to attend. You didn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to solve the case.
  10. Keep, only Sir Ramsey has ever done better and he will hopefully gain experience from what he has done right and what not so.
  11. There are worse ways to go…………..
  12. On cruise ships port (left) cabins face the land on the outward journey, whilst starboard (right) do on the return. As everyone wants the land view that combination was the most expensive, hence “posh”
  13. First game was against Plymouth in 1966, we won 1-0. First away day was at Swindon , either 1969 or 1970, think we won that 1-0 too. Happy days
  14. I’ve played against Met Police, there is no such thing as a “friendly” , when they play.....
  15. Yep, this is correct, I was at this game too.
  16. Goalkeeper mainly, but up front when opportunity knocked
  17. All three great away days, what’s not to like?
  18. Can not see any club foregoing the TV money , but I feel your pain
  19. No, they will want the Premier League to reduce in size , and to scrap the League and probably the FA cup. Why bother with so many smaller clubs ? Seriously pissed off with this Americanisation of football
  20. These clubs are not bothered by local fans, they are looking to sell TV rights across the World
  21. As I see it , the Yank owners want a NFL type franchise league, whereas the European clubs want to replace the English Premier League with a European one. The initial twelve will be permanent members ( no relegation) , others will be “ invited “ to join them subject to wealth Hate this, if it happens I won’t be watching
  22. I expect they are quite relieved
  23. What do Ashton and Moore have in common, WBA Done deal
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