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  1. Ohhh...Memory Lane :-). I was a 16 year-old teenager in 1955 and I remember every one of them......and I do have to admit that I have much clearer and happier memories of all of them than I have of many of the players who have passed through Ashton Gate over the past 65 years. Thanks for the memories !
  2. I was just going to write the same two names.....amazed it took so long for Big John's name to appear
  3. Anyone know if the email address is working yet ?
  4. Ahhh....have commentary at last....one minute to halftime !!. This is just not good enough !
  5. Still unable to get commentary on my pc in Kent !! . Just get a page saying Server Error !!
  6. Audio commentary is not working ( in Kent ) today. Anyone else having the same problem ?
  7. I am in Kent...hoping to listen to audio commentary on today's game on BCTV- Audio Commentary....but it is silent. Anyone else having the same problem today ?
  8. I think the only time I ever played truant from school was when Big John played for England in a mid-week afternoon game . I was determined to watch it on TV...and it was only a Games afternoon so I didn't feel too guilty :-). Ohhh...so many happy memories of watching John at Ashton Gate ….he never gave less that 100%. A true legend !! Those were the days !
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