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  1. The other sad thing is many put up with it because they feel they couldn't cope financially, by splitting up. Witnessed this myself with a former girlfriend's Dad, who beat his wife.
  2. From Ass-shat : Former Premier League footballer Joey Barton is accused of grabbing his wife by the throat and kicking her in the head in a drunken row at a party, a court heard on Monday. The 38-year-old, who is now managing League Two side Bristol Rovers, is accused of assaulting Georgia Barton outside a property in Kew, south-west London, on June 2. Prosecutor Nahiedh Khan said Barton and his wife had travelled to London for a short break, and went to the home of friends for a small gathering. “All parties were talking about a family-related matter when Mr Barton became quite angry about the topic of conversation”, she said. “He grabbed the throat of Mrs Barton, and this caused her to move backwards, falling to the floor. “Once on the floor, he is then said to have kicked her in the head, resulting in a half golf ball sized bruise on the right side of her temple. “She can’t remember what happened directly, but afterwards she got up and realised her nose was bleeding.” The court heard Mrs Barton called the police and asked for her “intoxicated” husband to be removed from the property. Appearing via videolink at Wimbledon magistrates court, Barton, wearing shorts and T-shirt, pleaded not guilty to assault by beating. The court was told he denies being violent towards his wife, suggesting she had been “drinking heavily” and had “greatly exaggerated” the incident. Neither Mrs Barton nor the two friends are expected to be witnesses in the case. Announcing the charge, Scotland Yard said: “Joseph Barton, of Widnes, is due to appear on bail on Monday 26 July at Wimbledon magistrates court charged with assault by beating. “The charge relates to an incident which took place at a residential property in Kew on Wednesday 2 June in which a woman received a head injury. London Ambulance Service did not attend.” Barton was on police bail after his initial arrest on the day of the alleged attack, but news of the case did not emerge until this weekend. The former midfielder made one appearance for England and played for Manchester City and Newcastle during his playing career. He became Fleetwood Town manager in 2018, and switched to Bristol Rovers in February this year. Richard Derby, defending, said: “The issues in this case are, categorically, this incident did not happen. There was no assault.” Barton, from Widnes, denies assault by beating. He was released on unconditional bail until his trial at Wimbledon magistrates court on December 16. A further case management hearing has been set for November 17. I know the hearing was by videolink; but doesn't it say something about how serious Barton is taking this by wearing shorts and tee shirt ? You would expect at least a collar and tie, and certainly not shorts ?
  3. Yep, I'm with you. People talk about progression; but knowing us, that will mean losing the final on 2 penalties, rather than 3, in Qatar. There are plenty of other sides who will improve in the next 18 months, as well
  4. Change the lyrics of Three Lions to “Sixty years of hurt”. How much ******* longer are we going to have to wait ?
  5. Plenty of incidents like this where there have been paltry fines, and players walking off the pitch. But none of these were anything to do with booing of a national anthem.
  6. Fair enough for the laser incident. However; has any other country ever been fined for it's crowd booing an opponent's national anthem ? I'm not aware of it. Let's see if this happens elsewhere. I won't hold my breath.
  7. The Danes won’t be looking forward to playing us after this display
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