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  1. No. Work colleague is a season ticket holder there. All the ST holders in those stands were moved before the start of last season. They were told it would be "for a few months". No progress at all was made during last season. The bill to sort it apparently runs into "several millions". Their current owners clearly don't have it / aren't prepared to spend it. The stands are likely to remain closed until a new buyer comes in. There don't appear to be any interested parties on the horizon.
  2. Bloody hell ! Watched him numerous times at Ibrox. Great keeper and a real class act. R.I.P.
  3. He’s like that slag Katie Price, always getting away with it.
  4. Stay strong ITN. Keep posting. You may follow the wrong team, but you are part of this community.
  5. Santana haven't toured the U.K. since 2015 (I think). Now 74 years old, Carlos would be a great call for next year, possibly the last time he and the band tour outside of the Americas.
  6. I always thought he was a bit of an arse as a player. However, he comes across very well in that clip. Welcome Jason, and Good Luck !
  7. Let's hope he makes the full Italy side
  8. I’ve just switched on for second half. There is an Italian on the pitch called Faticanti. Doesn’t look overweight to me.
  9. Stunning woman, great voice as well.
  10. That’s more like it !!
  11. I hope you are right. He’s just played O bla di o bla da which is the one Beatles track I cannot stand
  12. The Wings tracks tonight haven’t been great either. Where is Live & Let Die
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