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  1. Pulis is such a *** though, that he would jump ship before relegation was confirmed - as he always does. Just so he can keep claiming "he has never been relegated"
  2. Needless to say that *** Callum Robinson will score against us AGAIN !, and then celebrate right in font of our fans AGAIN !
  3. That’s fair enough, Mate. I am on the phone so unable to highlight the part of your post I was replying to
  4. You said you don’t understand what people expect this season. Well, we all expect to win some games at home this season. If we go on like this until May, we will probably be relegated. My point is that if the bottom 3 can win games at home, why can’t we ?
  5. Some wins at home ! The bottom 3 have all managed it.
  6. In a storm of biblical levels, 2015 concede to Noah !!
  7. I hope that’s not the ******* ayatollah ?!
  8. Pato generally plays well when there is a tv audience.
  9. Academy Director sounds so much better than “Pathway Manager”
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