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  1. Swansea & Newport stay down
  2. You are talking in fifths now, LR. And you know what they are like with fractions ! They will, of course, claim that six fifths of Bristol is "theirs"
  3. Yessssssssss !! Bye bye sheep shaggers !
  4. It would be fitting if that *** Ayew got sent off in the play off final, and Swansea then lose.
  5. Won the S.P.L. !! Stopped C*ltic winning 10 in a row ! The Gers are back !!
  6. Yep, what a ******* idiot !
  7. That’s not the “six fifths” tosser, is it ?
  8. Such a typical Johnson game. Can manage a 45 minute performance, but not a 90 minute performance.
  9. Hahahaha ! Bournemouth to crash and burn their way back to Div 4.
  10. 3-2 Brentford (agg)
  11. Yessssssss ! C’mon Brentford ! **** off Bournemouth !!
  12. Leave it as it is IMO
  13. Same here, mate. Sooooooo wanted to be good at football, but was utter shite. Played rugby instead at school, prop forward. Although if swimming was an option, then that was always the chosen option. As you say, football is easily better than rugby to watch.
  14. Plus all the big clubs with their foreign tours.
  15. Ole has stated a number of times that he hates Wolves. More than the 15ers, I think ?
  16. This is going to take some getting used too !
  17. Sno was a fantastic footballer, who should have done much better. As you say, GJ only played him wide, no doubt to accomodate LJ, IIRC ?
  18. What a ******* idiot ! From a fan of a "club" who appointed the ultimate "Yes Man", in Garner, accusing Cotts (of all people !) of being a Yes Man. Tosser.
  19. Agreed. But look at how long we have had to wait for the better performances.
  20. When he was good, he was bloody good ! Sadly he was also very inconsistent (like many of our current squad). Not sure he could claim that he "gave 110% every game" ?!
  21. This appeal should have been wrapped up BEFORE the season ended. Too late now I fear. The fact the season is now over only strengthens Derby’s position, IMO.
  22. Pompey out of the play offs **** off Pompey, Pompey **** off !!
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