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  1. Let’s just hope he doesn’t put into practice his comment about “walking away”
  2. Ferguson still has some power. He was fundamental in bringing that arrogant tosser Ronaldo back. Looks like a big mistake right now
  3. It would be nice to hear what ex-players say when they are invited on to the pitch.
  4. I remember the last time we went to M.K. Dons. Sound was loud, sharp and crystal clear. It can be done, so why can't we do it ?
  5. I think (not 100%, mind), that they were singing "We are Sunderland"
  6. The tannoy at AG sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown
  7. We have fecked him about , mind. LJ brought him in and played him up front, I think he got 5 goals in 5 games at the start of the season ? LJ then decides to play him wide, and the goals dry up. Play him up top, or behind a front two, and the guy delivers. Long may it continue !
  8. If there was ever a ground that DIDN'T belong in the Prem, then that is it. The Atyeo stand must be bigger than each of their four stands
  9. Always made matchday that little bit more enjoyable with him telling stories and jokes in the pubs. R.I.P. Stoney; you truly will be missed.
  10. Pretty sure the 15ers have started copying us. Now, there's a thing !
  11. Interesting to see a club called "Reading City", when Reading is still only a Town, or am I missing something ?
  12. And they are very welcome to having the ginger gnome !
  13. The right idea in principle, yes. However, can you imagine the likes of C**tdiff up there, with 3000 of them raining "objects" down on the home fans in the Lower Lansdown ? There would be issues for a number of games, I would suspect.
  14. Hahaha ! Always the best sketch in any of the the Newman & Baddiel series ! "See that Eddie the Eagle ? that's your Mum, that is !"
  15. How TF did this thread get from a discussion on a Buenos Aires stadium to Raleigh bicycles ?
  16. I had a Tomahawk for a while. The Tomahawk was bigger than the Chipper, but smaller than the Chopper. (excuse the innuendo)
  17. It does not surprise me. Having been inside; you can see that no renovation has taken place in decades. Although River Plate’s stadium is far better, it is probably in a similar state, needing investment.
  18. Blatter is Swiss; and the case was heard in Switzerland. Hmmmmm I wonder ….. I am somewhat surprised the *** turned up however, and didn’t claim to be “ill”.
  19. As others have said, it would appear he has something lined up, possibly abroad. He will have plenty of suitors if not. Really impressed by him and his team last season.
  20. Agree with all of this Sykes has looked lost so far. Hopefully he will find his feet in time.
  21. Well read from your autocue / notes on a sheet, Wally.
  22. A good move for all. Hoping the Shrews get 6 points and two clean sheets against the 15ers this season.
  23. Back with T.C. once more. Fantastic partnership. R.I.P. Clive
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