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  1. Well, I'm not a sick weirdo, and I'd happily dish out to those two ***** what they did to that poor lad.
  2. There are so many wonderful parents who have tragically lost children through no fault of their own, sometimes before they have even been born. Then of course there are many couples who would make wonderful parents; but through no fault of their own cannot conceive. Then you hear about tragic stories like this one; where two utter scumbags have killed a lovely little 6 year old boy, who would have been treasured by so many other people, it does make you wonder why life can be so unfair.
  3. Agree. Rehabilitation should be for common criminals, not murderers or terrorists. If we can’t hang them, then lock them up until they die.
  4. Hopefully they both go out before it gets to that stage !
  5. So either Jocks or taffs get through, not both of them ?
  6. What a shame Dean Saunders for Man U
  7. Great point. We haven’t had a proper “Captain” on the pitch since Korey left. (and his last two seasons were hampered by injuries). James is a good player of course, but we don’t see him bellowing at the others.
  8. Italy to do the jocks Russia to do the taffs
  9. He can't possibly be acquitted TWICE, can he ?
  10. For the last few seasons; their (different) goalkeepers have always been regarded as their best player. Where would they be without them ?
  11. I’m hoping Switzerland finish top of their group. If this happens, the jocks could get Italy in their play off
  12. And what pub aren't we drinking in ...... oh, hang on .....
  13. There is no next round, remember. Tonight was the final; like every game that involves the 15ers.
  14. Valid point. I have always liked Warnock the man, but not his football. If he were appointed until the end of the season, I am sure we would end up safe, mid table. However, we would find ourselves in a worse situation at the start of next season than we are now with more over age, overpaid players. The new manager would have a huge task on his hands.
  15. Nah ! It won't be Ted, he's been dead for 16 years.
  16. Sadly, Matty will be in for FAR worse at the dump (if he plays), during the replay.
  17. Ashton ensured no aggressive players were brought in during his tenure. Only “good humans” (pussies) for BCFC
  18. Agreed; And Cov have one of the lowest budgets in the Champ. Our players' average salary will be higher than theirs !
  19. 3-2 against 10 men Coventry. A club playing in Northampton in front of 2000 in L2 just a few years ago. Ad them to the list of clubs who have gone from near collapse to past us.
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