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  1. Someone needs to stand up and say enough is enough, Steve cotterill layed the foundations for Johnson to push us on and he did to a certain extent he just didn’t have the quality/experience to quite get us there, the next appointment was probably the most important in our history and we reverted to type and royally ****** it up...who knows what we are going to do now but the odds say one of the other 2 muppets are currently preparing their speech to the press
  2. The bigger problem now is from the shit show in the summer ******* around and then appointing someone like him (not his fault I know and I do like the guy) is in real terms it has prob put us back 2 years ! We were sat nicely primed for success and just needed a bit of experience to push us on and we have ****** ourselves yet again
  3. watching his team is the nearest thing we have had to o’driscoll, and I say HIS TEAM because this certainly is not my bristol city !
  4. redstu


    Newbie ! I have been on here as long as I can remember I just choose not to comment, however when I see such a brain dead comment about the most gifted and entertaining player ever to grace the gate then I have to say something, I do find some of your wind up comments quite amusing sometimes but am now of the opinion of most on here that you sir are a ****
  5. redstu


    Omg what a complete arse you really are
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