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  1. I’m going for us just scraping over 20k. I think the fact that we haven’t had a match for exactly 16 months by the day of the match will entice a few non season ticket holders out. And who knows what the winter will bring from a Covid perspective which also may be a factor for some. I agree though that some regulars won’t yet, some will be on holiday, and some will be scuppered by the Temple Meads work (I saw some Blackpool fans mentioning that as well, along with their concern re the holiday traffic - so there will be less away fans than there might have been).
  2. Shame we didn’t see the start of the video where he drove in on a tractor.
  3. Be terrible if they all now have to self-isolate and miss the first match of the season!
  4. Cautiously optimistic sums up my feelings as well. I think we’ll be ok provided we don’t pick up too many injuries. We are looking more resilient and a number of players are looking fitter and long may that continue. Key players like Weimann, Williams, Martin, Baker, COD, Dasilva all had long term injuries last season and if we keep them fit our squad has more depth even though smaller. I also think keeping James fit is key to our season. Keep them (and Kalas) all fit and I see no reason why we can’t shoot for the play offs.
  5. Good to see we had 290 fans there
  6. Thought Pearson’s summary of our performance tonight was spot on - started well; then not so well as we moved the ball too slowly; then picked up the pace second half. I hope he keeps on at the players about this all season. In the past, when we’ve gone off the boil, it’s because we started playing it too slowly. Keep the ball moving quickly and we’ll be fine.
  7. Didn’t know what he meant by that - ‘we’re the only people doing this tonight’ - but perhaps it was.
  8. Bentley tonight. I would have thought James would be a good candidate.
  9. I’d certainly like to see that too
  10. Agree. Or Nagy - or even King with his goal scoring record
  11. Wonder if he is in the stand as haven’t spotted him on the touchline (but may just be my eyesight.)
  12. He looks really fit and mobile too. No injuries please. Obvious choice for captain I would think
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