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  1. Worth a read: https://www.ccmb.co.uk/showthread.php?451773-LETTER-FROM-CARDIFF-FLO-regarding-Bristol-City
  2. I agree. I think Derby will catch Reading (unless they go into liquidation of course). As for us, I’ve never felt we’d be relegated this season - seen enough competitiveness to feel we won’t be in the bottom 3. However, because of our injuries, I do feel we need to recruit a CB this month.
  3. Well battled lads. Crucial win - puts them 10 points below us.
  4. To me, Vyner just doesn’t look like he has the physicality to play CB. If he plays, I’d rather him RWB or RB - we’re not exactly flush with players for that position. With Atkinson injured though we desperately need to recruit a CB this month.
  5. I just hope that if William does get on, he survives unscathed!
  6. Atkinson off. Didn’t seem to do it under challenge. Looked like a pull. Shame.
  7. Not for me although the feed on the sky sports app is about 45 secs behind the TV so I’m using that!
  8. I think the same - Semenyo and Martin as the front two. I’m assuming Weimann will play just behind them and Scott moved to RWB.
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