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  1. I dont believe the vaccination card will be accepted as proof that you have had the vaccines. Proof will be the letter or the app. If you dont want to use the app, then the letter is available by ringing 119 and asking for one to be posted to you. The call takes a few minutes and the letter should arrive within a week. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it is best to make the request for the letter early as it took two attempts to get mine.
  2. Have checked my COVID pass letter as well and there isnt a time limit. If you plan to get one, though, do so as soon as you believe you will need one. While they should be issued within a week after being requested, I had to ring a second time as one didn't come through the first time I asked.
  3. Investigating how to view our game against Millwall on Saturday. It looks as if you need a BT Sport subscription but I may have missed something when looking online. Has anyone used this channel before? Thanks.
  4. Didnt Brian Tinnion describe him as a manager's dream on Robins TV this afternoon?
  5. Maybe we should ask Taylor if he knows any Moore.
  6. He is there to keep a close eye on how his father's money is being spent.
  7. You can see Semenyo pointing to where he wanted the ball to be delivered for his goal.
  8. Is the game streaming from 2 pm or is there some pre match build up beforehand? Just want to check my access is working.
  9. JL is qualified because he is SL's son. It is very easy to spend someone else's money and JL's role is to ensure his father's money is used as effectively as possible by the club. That is why he is Chairman so he can scrutinise what is going on and probably why, I think, he was vice-chairman - to learn and understand what the job entails.
  10. Can hear Chris Kamara in the background during the game.
  11. Have downloaded Firefox onto Fire Stick and logged into my account. Found page where you put the voucher number. Await test on Weds to see how good it actually is.
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