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  1. Not the only health & safety issue at Ashton Gate. How about the steep steps in the Lansdown with no rail. Are they looking for an Ibrox? Extremely dangerous in my opinion.
  2. I don't think a change of Head Coach at this stage would be helpful. The massive injury list plus having to play half fit players (Pato for one) makes Holdens task impossible. I would add the senior players, Hunt, Wells & Diedhiou have all been letting the team down recently. I would let Hunt, Baker & Diedhiou leave on Frees at season end & if we can get anything for them Wells & Palmer too. Was not appreciative of Andi Weinman until a few weeks before his injury when I realised his constant chasing was unsettling the opposition rather than him being a ' headless chicken' ( sorry Andi!) Although far from the popular view I would stick with DH & let him have a non-Covid & hopefully a less injured squad next season to see how he does then. That is, of course, assuming we stay up this season. Performances must improve quickly as they have been awful. I fear season ticket sales could be at least 5000 down if no improvement made.
  3. Shame on them for that gutless, pathetic performance. Norwich might be a good team but they didn't need to get out of bottom gear to easily beat us. Far to many matches this season we have been boring to watch. To me going to football is like going to church, break the habit & you don't go back. I feel club is in for a big shock when fans are allowed back with the big drop in season ticket sales. If they want me & my family to return I want to be entertained even if we lose. Rant over!
  4. I said, after the series of losses earlier in season, that if we were no lower than 14th at end of year we could still have a good season. This was assuming some of our long term injuries returning in January &, of course, injury situation is now far worse. I still feel this is feasable. Recent performances have been dire in the extreme although maybe a few hopeful shoots in last game. First half bad, but thought Massengo unlucky to be taken off as he was one of the better performers. Nagy & Martin are completely knackered & with more fit players need a rest. Second half thought some good performances, particularly O'Dowda showed promise & was actually not a bad watch. It's important performances improve or the club could be in for a big shock when supporters stay away in droves when we eventually can return. In the meantime keep the faith in DL & DH. Perhaps a DOF may help & maybe clip Ashton's wings a tad!
  5. I remember a Cìty fan, Tony Harling I believe his name was, who travelled from Watford to every Home game. Memorable because of his very loud voice shouting continually from the Williams. He caused a few laughs that's for sure! Can anyone else remember him? Back in the 60s I recall a 3-3 Home draw against Watford. We were losing 2-3 minutes from full time when their centre-half, Vince McNiece, scored a spectacular overhead own goal!
  6. I think to call him crap is being more than generous hence the reason for my great being in inverted commas. He must rate with Brian Mitchell as being our worst ever right back.
  7. If he has recovered from his neck injury the 'great' Nicky Hunt will be playing for Darlington. Wouldn't it be marvellous if he scored the winning goal!
  8. I think a reality check needs to be taken. We have 6, yes 6, potential starters long term injured plus Kalas, Dasilva & O'Dowda have also been out. I think if we are 15th, or above, at the end of the year & the injured players are back I will be optimistic for the remainder of the season. I have been supporting City for over 60 years so I could be suffering from brain fog!
  9. 18 points ftom first 10 games would be excellent. Just to put our flying start into perspective after 6 games last season Charlton were 2nd on 14 points & got relegated! Bakinson needs help from a 'proper' midfielder as HNM did in opening fixture. Paterson & Wienman both in there not good in the long term. Two bad results is not a calamity but we need to bounce back quickly with some difficult fixtures coming up. On a positive note most games have been more entertaining than recent seasons & I feel we will have a good season.
  10. Remember the 62/63 season well. Group of us used to go & pass around the fags. We decided to cut down & only have one when a goal was scored. Result Bristol City 6 Southend United 3! I have since seen the error of my ways & given up smoking only problem put on 5 stones in weight!
  11. Thought for a moment that old Gashead Parkin was still in goal for them. Who can forget his walk of shame after handling well outside his area under no pressure. City fans had given him such stick he totally lost it!
  12. I'm well aware what a 'Facilities Manager's' role is & was trying (& obviously failing miserably) to be witty! I have never been one to want a manager to lose his job & also wish Lee Johnson all the best in his next role. Although still not looking for him to be sacked, the last 2 years have been hard to watch even on the occasions when we have won. Have a good weekend City oz.
  13. Is a Facilities manager's job to clean the 'facilities? He has been serving up crap for the past 2 years so he would be well qualified!!
  14. I wonder what Dean Smith thinks of it all! Looks like Villa for the drop & Brentford for the Prem.
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