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  1. Page now updated but I see we are hosting Blackpool fans in the Atyeo stand - unbelievable Geoff !!!!
  2. They have done it again and tonight's Gate Guide is for the match on 1st February 2019. Who is in charge of signing off website content, or is that a silly question ?
  3. 29/11/2006 v Nottingham Forest away in LDV Vans Trophy round 3 was the last one !
  4. Earliest vague memories of watching Combination reserve team games in 1958/59 season against the likes of Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal. Unfortunately, the earliest 1st team recollection is the home defeat (0 - 5) against Aston Villa in November 1959, a season which ended in relegation !
  5. Yes, that's him. He made 73 appearance and was almost an ever present first team keeper from the start of the 1934/35 season until December 1935.
  6. This one dates back to my grandfather so not sure of the date !
  7. I believe the current 5 losses is already a record !
  8. Between 16/01/1904 and 07/01/1905 there was a run of 36 matches without a draw (which included 1 FA Cup match), almost a full calendar year !
  9. The record low number of draws was way back in 1904/05 at 4. On the other hand the most draws was as recent as 2013/14 at 19 (also in 1999/2000).
  10. I think it took a bit more than a "niggle" to get players of that era off the pitch permanently ! In 1965/66 there were 8 substitutions, in 1966/67 only 1 (Terry Bush as you noted earlier) and then under the tactical "regime" 16 in 1967/68. A "useless" fact is that the all time total of substitutions for city is now just about 4600 !
  11. A single substitute was introduced from season 1965/66 but for 2 seasons a change was only permitted as a result of injury. From season 1967/68 the rules changed to tactical substitutes allowed.
  12. The first sub used was George Showell on 28th August 1965 away at Manchester City - a 2-2 draw !
  13. Home PL 97 Won 41 Drawn 24 Lost 32 Goals 147-122 Away PL 98 Won 32 Drawn 27 Lost 39 Goals 121-139 Total PL 195 Won 73 Drawn 51 Lost 71 Goals 268-261 (EFL only)
  14. My email today invited me to spend the meagre amount as notified in the earlier email. However, I had cleared the balance several weeks ago and on logging in hey presto, the amount remaining is not as contained in today's message !! Am I surprised ?
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