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  1. It’s interesting that the first heat map shows that he plays a lot on the right and in midfield, which is what most supporters would agree with. Yet, he is supposed to be a second forward with Martin and has managed to score 4 goals from hardly getting into the penalty area (if the heat map is to be believed). Logic would be that he should play more in the middle, closer to the penalty area, or have I missed something?
  2. From memory, which may be a bit dodgy, I think the “singers” were in the Atyeo when the South Stand was opened because the old Williams Stand was demolished and the replacement Lansdown hadn’t been built. This meant ex Williams season ticket holders were moved to the South Stand. When these people later moved to the Lansdown there was obviously more space in the South Stand. Groups of people were moved all over the place during redevelopment, probably without any thought to a long term plan. In reality, the issue isn’t about the location of “singers”. The issue is about the location of those who want to stand up. It would be a lot better if the “singing section” was called the “standing section”, which it is
  3. Im sure the club did think about it when the ground was rebuilt. The Atyeo has the worse concourse facilities, so it makes sense to put the away fans there. Also it’s self contained so segregation is easy With the current design, the concourse is a continuous U shape running under 3 stands. If the away fans were put into the corner of the Dolman, the current Grenville Smyth Park entrance would be for away fans only. Rather inconvenient if your a City fan coming from that way and want to get to the Dolman and a loss of a large part of that concourse for home fans. Also, probably one block in the Dolman would have been lost due to segregation
  4. A chicken walked into the bar and clucked at the bartender. The bartender said “No fowl language allowed.’”
  5. For me, it has to be April 1965 when City beat Shrewsbury away, with John Atyeo scoring 4 second half goals. There were no YouTube videos in those days so I’ve recaptured, with a bit of art work, the third City goal as Atyeo leaps high above the Shrewsbury centre half to power a header into the net PS - I am available for commissions if anyone would like a memorable moment of their life recreated as a piece of art
  6. Go to the Downs in Bristol. There will be so many matches being played, some teams must wear orange. The advantage of going there is you can do something else when she loses interest. Whatever you do, don’t pay to take her to see a league match as her attention span won’t last for 90 minutes plus half time. Approx 20 minutes if you’re lucky
  7. We’ve moved off footy so how about golf? US golfer Jack Nicklaus revealed his granddaughter has married a man called 'Todger Strunk'
  8. I know! I turned on the TV and was scrolling through the channels, saw Football League Gold, so turned it on just as Windass’ goal flew into the net. Before I’ve never been able to watch any replays of the match, but I decided to continue watching. It was as awful. City had so much of the play in the second half, and so many chances, I couldn’t believe we didn’t at least equalise. So close and yet so far for Gary Johnson to share a post match bottle of a good red wine with Alex Ferguson the following season
  9. Rovers were only in the relegation zone for 74 minutes of the entire 2014 season. That’s all it takes.
  10. With Tony Cook in goal? Admittedly he would have been about 80 to play in the same team as them.
  11. No I’m not. wiki shows O’Dowd has score. 19 from 237.
  12. You’ve gone up in my estimation. Two bottles of Malbec on a Saturday evening and you’re still compos mentis! We need more people like this on the forum. There is the crossbar challenge at matches, so why not the Malbec challenge?
  13. I agree with both of you
  14. It doesn’t matter if there is only one midfielder who doesn’t score often, but it does matter if the entire midfield is bereft of goals, which was the point I was making. To be successful a team can’t just have a couple of good forwards. Most of the other players must chip in with a few goals here or there. That isn’t going to happen with the current crop of midfielders, good as they are. Joe Williams - 2 league goals in 102 appearances H N M - 2 in 78 James - 10 in 78 Semenyo - 8 in 93 (only 2 at Championship level) The best, in terms of scoring are Weimann with 57 in 335, though a lot have come when he’s played as a forward, and O’Dowda with 57 in 335 There has been a lot of talk about the need to sign a 20 goals per season. We do, but we also need to sign a goal scoring midfielder. Put this new player with Williams, HNM, and James and we’d have a good midfield
  15. Joe Williams has only scored 2 goals in 102 league appearances. He’s a good player but not a regular scorer
  16. Everyone can see what he can’t do but it’s not always obvious what he can do. His strengths are holding the ball and laying it off to midfield players. Unfortunately, we’ve got a lot of midfield players who hardly ever score and don’t run into attacking positions to take advantage of his positional play.
  17. Szmodics is just what City need. A goal scoring midfielder
  18. We had Forbes Phillipson Masters. I can remember the City manager at the time saying he was looking to buy a big name centre half. Forbes said “you can’t get a bigger name than mine”
  19. The fact we might be missing Famara is an indictment of Martins poor performances rather Famara’s ability. It’s like saying I used to have an unreliable car, but now I’ve got a very unreliable car, so I wish I had my old one back. A better solution would be to get a totally different, reliable, car
  20. It does seem as though this combination could be exciting, but there is a problem. None of them are regular goal scorers. James has only 10 league goals in his career, Massengo 2 (none for City) and Williams also 2. They’ll probably run around a lot and be creative, but who is going to be on the end of their creative passes? A lot of blame for lack of goals is being placed on Martin and Weimann, but that’s only part of the problem. Goals have got to come from midfield and, to a lesser degree, from defenders. City haven’t got goal scoring midfielders / defenders in the team. (Weimann could be counted as a midfield player who scores a few, but he’s currently playing as a forward with Martin)
  21. Not all bad. Defensively it was ok, admittedly against a poor team. It was just the slight issue of scoring a goal, or having a shot, that was the problem
  22. Apparently he’s not on the bench. O’Dowda was a late replacement
  23. Baker off before half time again. Explain it we cannot. Disprove it we cannot. We simply invite you to explore with us the amazing world of the unknown. To take that one step beyond
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