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  1. I agree that watching the youngsters progress will be something to look forward to, and of course being back watching live football will be amazing after last season. Hopefully Pearson will have them organised and the excitement will come from us playing well as a unit. And if what some of you are saying about Matty James turns out to be correct, we might just have signed the new Gazza
  2. I was thinking about the upcoming season the other day, and got to thinking about the squad of players we currently have at AG. I don’t know about all of you, but I have always been someone who likes to have a few players in the side who I am excited about watching. Players with real class (Tinnion, Hartley, Bryan, Webster for example) or players who will get you off your seat with a moment of magic (Jacki, Walsh, Murray, even players like Eliasson). Strikers who could pop up with a goal at any time like Taylor, Goater, Tammy or Kodjia. This got me to thinking…. Who is there in the current squad that you are particularly looking forward to watching this season? Pretty much all of the players I have been excited by in recent years have gone. Brownhill, Webster, Reid, Bryan, Paterson, Fammy…. Even Tomlin, grade A prat that he was, would get you off your seat at times. Who is there now that makes you think ‘can’t wait to watch x play today’? I really can’t think of many….. Bentley perhaps? Palmer on his day? Anyone else? It seems like the vast majority of our business ahead of this season is done, so I don’t think this is going to change. Can anyone cheer me up and give me some reasons to be excited?
  3. This is a strange one for me. Baker is a decent player when fit but we all know how injury prone he is. He started a grand total of 1 game throughout the whole of last season and he’s been in and out with injury ever since he joined us. Even on a pay as you play deal I’d say this is a huge risk. Hopefully we’ve done a stringent medical on him and he can stay fit, but history says that seems unlikely.
  4. First one I remember clearly was City 4-3 Plymouth on Boxing Day 1984. I’m pretty sure my dad took me to a game v Crewe in 1983 but I have no recollection of that at all. That Plymouth game was a cracker and it’s been downhill ever since...
  5. I’ve said it before on previous threads but I really like Paterson and rate him highly. Yes he could be inconsistent but players of his type who aren’t right at the top level of the game usually are. He always showed for the ball, took a good set piece and was a menace for the opposition even when not on top form. In a squad that lacks goals and creativity almost completely, we will really miss him. And, in our current state, we’ll do very well to replace him with someone better. I imagine he’ll go elsewhere in the Championship and do a good job wherever he ends up.
  6. I think he’s a lot better than that. A lot of people on this thread are talking about how he wouldn’t be a regular in a top 6 side, and I think that’s true. What’s also true is that we are absolutely miles off that level as a club at the moment. As a result, are we really going to do that much better than players like Paterson? I’m really not so sure we are.
  7. I was just going to say exactly this. Paterson is inconsistent and can frustrate as a result. But he never goes missing and he has tonnes ability. His movement is excellent and I think we have really missed him while he’s been out this season. He’s more likely to create and score goals than pretty much anyone else we have at present, and Christ knows we need some creativity. Until this season his fitness record has been pretty good too. I would keep Paterson for another 2 years personally. As Graham said, if he consistently played at his best he’d be playing for someone way higher up the pyramid than us.
  8. I completely agree with the sentiment here, but I do think that what NP said about results and performances not having been good enough is significant. I still think that SL will believe that these players are better than they are and that therefore NP should have got more out of them. Aside from that, I also think there is a lot for both parties to think about before a long term commitment is made. Pearson wouldn’t even know who his direct line manager would be if he took the job. Who would sort out contracts, transfers etc.? With all these unknowns I can see why nobody has committed to anything yet. They need to get on with it all though because we are utterly rudderless at the moment and a lot needs sorting quickly.
  9. I share all of your concerns. Many people seem to think that Pearson is a done deal to stay but I just don’t see it like that at all. SL will know, as we all do, that the thing this club needs at the moment above everything else is stability. With Ashton going, no permanent manager and 14 players out of contract we are in a complete mess at present. With all of that in mind you’d think that sorting out a long term managerial appointment would be the highest priority and yet the silence is deafening. Without a win or two to finish the season I think SL will go by results and look elsewhere. I’m really not sure what I think about Pearson myself now. On balance I’d still say give him the job, because his track record speaks for itself and he really is operating with both hands tied at present. But, absolute shower of shite that they are, even these players should be getting better results than they are. In recent weeks we’ve lost to Rotherham, been hammered by Coventry, lost to a Stoke team that hadn’t won away in months and now lost to Wycombe. Make no mistake, these are all desperately poor sides and yet we’ve lost most of these with barely a whimper. Even this gutless mob should be picking up some points in games like these... can we really absolve Pearson of all blame for all of these defeats? If it was almost any other manager, and certainly if it was LJ or Holden, we certainly wouldn’t. I think that, whatever we do next, it needs to happen quickly. If it’s Pearson I’m perfectly happy with that because his track record tells us he can do the job when he has his own players and staff working with him. But whatever we do, for Christ’s sake get on with it.
  10. I went for Palmer’s goal from the corner v Swansea. That was a genuinely magic moment in what has been the most dour, uninspiring season I can remember for a long time.
  11. Apparently so..... The thing is we really have
  12. Having had nearly 24 hours to reflect on it, I’m still bewildered by the ‘performance’ I watched yesterday. This season has produced a procession of inept displays but I think yesterday topped the lot. I won’t be parting with any more cash to Robins TV after that, I’m sick of having my day/weekends ruined by a bunch of wasters who simply don’t care. I thought Pearson’s interview was a breath of fresh air in one way and terrifying in another. It was great to hear a manager call out the lazy arsed players for what they are, but actually quite shocking in a way to hear a professional who works with these people effectively questioning their honesty and commitment in such stark terms. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard any manager be quite so damning of a group of players than Pearson was. I have a real sinking feeling about where we are as a club right now. We have a manager, the most important person in any club, who is out of contract in the summer. We have over a starting team’s worth of players who are also out of contract (no bad thing when we’re as poor as we are, but terrible for stability). We have a medical department who have overseen a list of muscular injuries the like of which we’ve never seen. We have an owner who is openly seeking investment. A chairman who is sunning himself in Bermuda. And a Chief Exec who is among the most unpopular figures in my 40 years of supporting the club and who has overseen a period of recruitment which has directly led to the shambolic position we are currently in on the pitch. I think this summer is a genuine crossroads for us. I really hope Pearson stays to do the job that needs to be done but I can just see Lansdown reverting to type, leaving it to Ashton and us bringing in Appleton or someone similar. When Pearson sits down with SL I just can’t imagine liking what he hears. NP knows what an absolute shower we are now, and he knows he’d have to rip it up and start again. He seems the sort who would give it to you straight, and Lansdown’s ego isn’t going to like that one bit. I sincerely hope I’m wrong but I think it’s going to be a bumpy old summer to be a City fan....
  13. I have been saying exactly this for a week or two now. The current results give Ashton and SL the perfect excuse to get rid of Pearson, who would want to rock the boat and make far more changes across the board than they would be comfortable with. I reckon we’ll start next season with someone like Appleton in charge and 6-7 of the out of contract players re-signed as if nothing has happened. I sincerely hope I’m wrong but I can see this scenario unfolding and us going down next year...
  14. Yep. A new low I’d go as far as to say.
  15. An absolutely pitiful performance again. No cohesion, no fight, and a complete inability to execute simple skills, such as completing a 5 yard pass. We have a manager and over a whole team of players out of contract at the end of the season, and there appears to be no clarity or plan at any level on or off the pitch. If we hadn’t had the start we did with the 4 straight wins we would be relegation favourites. Nige needs to really get amongst it here, give them an almighty bollocking and get us organised and up for it. Massive second half needed now.
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