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  1. Arrogant to think we could survive this campaign without recruiting in the summer, feels like we have given up on the championship and the next 6 months are pre-season.
  2. How can Bellingham not make this squad if available ?
  3. Definitely not, it ain't pretty of that there is no doubt however this was never gonna be a classic season, we've just got to suck it up, keep our expectations in check and have a bit of faith - could be worse could be Forrest and Houghton.
  4. The same bunch of fine upstanding citizens had spent the previous week camped around various parts of Newquay.
  5. This team just needs time, approx 18 month
  6. I don't have an issue with it to be honest, this is genuinely an exciting project which has always targeted next years tournament for success and for these players to start to reach their potential, massive opportunities missed no doubt however at times in this tournament we have played some of the best football ive ever seen from an England team. I just love going into tournaments now with the belief that we can actually compete and do something special.
  7. Can’t believe the calls for Southgate to go after just making a final, young manager learning the trade along side the players. He gets next year in Qatar for me at least.
  8. Could that performance be more French
  9. Was thinking yesterday that if we’d had capitulated like that against what is still a pretty average Danish side there would have been pelters coming our way (Iceland) rather than being able to blame the ‘emotion’ of it all which is bollocks. Really surprised with that performance, they were all over the place helping to make the Danes look like world beaters. Really didn’t see that coming, but more than a little pleased it did if I have to be honest. Its coming home btw
  10. Has to be no more than a squad player if we are going to challenge again at some point and should only be kept if he’s happy with that and the salary it comes with - feels like he’s off to me
  11. I don’t see what the rush is in terms of this pre season, NP will know what and I suspect who he wants.
  12. Not an easy group at all to progress from, but assuming we do, then I don’t fear anyone other than Southgates tactics.
  13. And back down to earth we go
  14. Can't think of many better goals we've ever scored bearing in mind the opposition - pure class
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