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  1. Rob k


    Very nice I’m gutted - am in Cornwall and was really looking forward to a couple of runs along the cliff!! I’ve left my bloody trainers at home
  2. He won’t be cheap Har, if he’s the man they definitely want i think he will cost big money
  3. Rob k


    No running for me this weekend but a good 75 on the bike to get some good miles in before this weekends ride of 125. I was a little different for a change on this ride and ate like a pig and took on 2 bottles of tailwind which i find really helps on the longer rides
  4. Fairly sure all of those managers got the boot
  5. Exactly - same here, I’ve often disagreed with decisions but ultimately if i want my wages paid i eventually accept I’ve been out ranked!!
  6. What do you think he’s just accepted? I’m unsure of what you think has made LJ a yes man?
  7. So if you accept a role and you know the guidelines you will expected to work under and you agree to this before you take the job - does that still make you a yes man or somebody who is working to a set of agreed principles?
  8. So what’s a ‘yes man’? I’ve asked before but nobody ever has an answer
  9. It’s going to be very very tough over the next few years and good recruitment and NOT selling our best players is going to be key to getting to the PL as there will be not as much to spend on wages and fees. Ideally I’d move Baker on for example as he’s on big wages but Is injured far too much - who on earth will buy take him off our hands though? So we’re stuck with him and hence why out recruitment in the next 2 seasons will be more important than ever
  10. Rob k


    I’ve been told by somebody who gets a bit more info than i do that There is no chance of London happening for the ‘normal runner’ and it will be elite runners only. Liverpool Rock n roll also cancelled today
  11. Could a women manage a professional men’s team at the moment? Would it work?
  12. The money thing is nonesense im afraid - LJ has spent more money as players wages and transfer fees have increased. I don’t get why this is used as a stick to beat LJ
  13. I’ve never had anybody be able to explain to me why they thought LJ was a ‘yes man’. It’s a soundbite with no basis
  14. I was going to Say Wilder but he got promotion to L1 with Northampton didt he I’ve never been so underwhelmed with the list of potential new managers coming to the club
  15. Rob k


    Have you ever considered the Barkley?
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