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  1. I think it would reference that if it was the case. I wish him well though on whatever he does next.
  2. I have a feeling this wasn’t so mutual and that NP is having his say slowly
  3. I don’t think any Bristol City fan is a ‘happy clapper’ maybe people just have a differing view! out of interest which part do you particularly blame NP for seeing we were playing a team with better players than us? Not after an argument just curious…..for clarity i didn’t go so saw highlight and this is what i saw - Scott missing an open goal - denied a penalty - Baker with a rash challenge - Bentley pushing a ball straight to an attacker
  4. There is no guarantee but that’s football - personally in our current predicament I’d like to see wages being spent on a young hungry striker than an older pro sat on the bench who’s best days are behind him.
  5. I don’t think you do in this day and age, we have to be much better in the loan market and get better quality from a PL team. The quality we need is above what we will fork out for now.
  6. Problem is the players he has bought in so far who you would imagine would be on decent wages, King and Simpson are not having the effect we wanted. James I’m currently ok With but when we have such limited budget in hindsight we’re those signings wise?
  7. Totally - how he’s beyond criticism for last nights goal is beyond me. It was an awful parry
  8. Is is NP fault that’s Scott puts a shot wide from 5 yards out? Stats only tell a small part of the story.
  9. For me it’s slightly different this season as i do truly believe the priority with this lot was to just stay up, offload what we can and start again. For me there was no expectations for this season so I’m more relaxed than most about what’s going on. That’s not to say i won’t ever change my mind.
  10. Only one man to blame for the mess were in and that’s SL, he can’t stick to a plan and chops and changes his strategy with every appointment. He got Holden so badly wrong that he couldn’t then go and get a Lowe, he was pushed in to his own corner with the NP appointment. However, I’m not moving from my stance that this is a free hit season for NP to sort the shit out that’s needed. Anything other than relegation was acceptable for me This season
  11. Korey wasn’t dependable week in week out as he was often out injured - hence why not was the right decision to move him on
  12. I like the shipyard ones
  13. @Harry was after one
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