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  1. Rob k

    Le Tour 2021

    I think he will be back - from everything you hear Bennet will be off
  2. Rob k

    Le Tour 2021

    Have you seen the mechanic video? Not a great look but at least he’s apologised (kind of)
  3. He’s the one player that’s caused us most issues by being sold than any other i reckon, we have never come close to replacing him
  4. Agree - we could have gone on to lose by making changes who knows, but for me i just feel slightly frustrated due to the fact i truly believe there was enough on that bench to have made a difference in a positive way.
  5. Of course it counted - we didn’t have the ball, if you don’t have the ball it’s quite difficult to score!! The point about Kane is that we clearly couldn’t make one of the best strikers in the world effective, when your striker doesn’t touch the ball in the opposing box for 120 mins it suggests there was a slight issue that wasn’t addressed, and, in my opinion, we have the players to have addressed that issue.
  6. but we didn’t do much with the ball because we couldn’t keep hold of it and we went on to lose the final!! We had 2 shots on target the whole game, Kane didn’t touch the ball once in the Italian box.
  7. I don’t think it was about bringing on as many attacking players as we could, we had to get hold of the ball and keep it, we had the players to do that on the bench and to bring Sterling and Kane in to the game which would have given us a better chance of winning the game.
  8. But surely you have to try something? Let’s be honest for 2m in wages it’s kind of your job to out think the opposition manager
  9. He had to play a bigger role in the final - he would be the first name on my team sheet, keeps the ball, takes pressure off the midfield and defence whilst causing problems
  10. It’s not really about the penalties for me, that’s a lottery. The fact is Italy had around 70% possession of the ball in that 2nd half and we literally did nothing to address this or try and affect the rhythm of the game. don’t get me wrong, i fully appreciate that people will feel im being overly harsh, but have we really moved on from the last big game with a load of pressure on him to make big decisions in play?
  11. Is it? Think you will find i will always give managers time, more than most The fact Is i see it that GS has not been able to affect the game enough against Croatia and Italy with his tactical changes and IMO we definitely had the players available on Sunday to do so.
  12. It would be harsh to sack him but for me in his 2 most important games he’s been found to be lacking tactically and as a result we have had to soak up pressure whilst chasing the ball around the pitch, the euro result was more frustrating for me as we had players on the bench who can keep the ball and relieve some of that pressure but he wasn’t brave enough to make those calls.
  13. And this for me is why Southgate wont win anything with England, it was clear to all that Italy were well on top and IMO he wasn’t brave enough with making positive changes. We have players in that squad that can keep the ball and take the pressure off, they were not utilised.
  14. Ah yeah - get you. Can’t have 2 kids going up to take pens ahead of some of the others
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