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  1. Korey wasn’t dependable week in week out as he was often out injured - hence why not was the right decision to move him on
  2. I like the shipyard ones
  3. I think the inconsistency tag comes from the fact that we all know Patterson is a talented lad - there was a lot of games though were he was completely anonymous which made him frustrating
  4. Agreed - i think everyone knew there was a player in there but was just too inconsistent
  5. Shaw has had a shocker tonight hasn’t he
  6. When i watch Grealish play i just can’t help think what a mistake it was to not have at least bought him on much sooner in the final He would have made a difference of that I’m convinced
  7. It’s the Abbotswood inn on Rodway
  8. It reminds me of the pub in the TV program Shameless!! Had the regulars, the youngsters by the pool table and the old boy in his suit!! I can remember asking for 2 pints of thatchers dry and the bar lady just barked at me, ‘6 and a half’ I had no idea what she was on about, apparently she wanted £6.50 off me for the beers
  9. The 002 is about 400m from my house - The times I’ve been in there it’s been alright to be fair
  10. I have no idea about anything IT related but just read that Facebook is not just down but it’s completely gone - could this be true?
  11. Rob k


    Anyone else doing London on Sunday?
  12. That’s what i mean though - he’s hardly had a kick all game and still came up with the goods for me Ronaldo is the greatest but Messi a good second
  13. He did nothing all game and then that!!
  14. I’ve just turned on after the boxing Jesus Christ - there can’t be a more annoying set of ‘fans’ in world sport
  15. He would be taller again and 3st heavier, it’s an intriguing fight for sure and one id like to see more than a rematch or Fury v Whyte etc
  16. You think he beats Fury? I can’t see it
  17. Problem with Boxing is the next fight we would want to see (if Fury beats Wilder) is now Fury v Usyk, but we don’t get to see it anytime soon as there will be rematch clauses blah blah blah Boxing does itself no favours at times
  18. Is going to need to stop Him for definite for me if he’s to win
  19. Drives me nuts boxing - corrupt as ****
  20. Campbell won’t make it at elite level
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