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  1. I used to buy in to this but the game has moved on too much for this to now be the case
  2. Rob k

    Sending off

    Hmmmmm - you probably have more faith in that being the case than i do!!!
  3. Agree - let’s be honest, it’s not as if they didn’t create openings when we were down to 10. Luckily they were useless
  4. Rob k

    Sending off

    It’s either a penalty or a yellow card to Atkinson and neither happened so either way poor refereeing
  5. After a brief look i think they raced in the docks until about 1990
  6. It was definitely on in the mid 80s as my Dad used to take us to watch and i wasn’t born until 1980
  7. I think footballs a little different to your normal 9-5 and why wouldn’t NP want people to know just how difficult the situation is. I dont think it’s a big thing for an explanation in regards to trimming the wage bill - at least it stops the rumours and gives exact figures. I still see it all the time, people have no idea what FFP means and how we’re affected by it
  8. Thanks for this - For me i would want a page on the job NP has had to do and what that has entailed. For example, I’d like to see in simple English, The wage bill was 30m per year on the playing staff and Nigel had to get that to 20m which he’s done. He had to do this to avoid the club being given A points deduction. This has meant the objective for 2 seasons was not to get relegated whilst the playing side of things is being sorted money wise.
  9. I watched the game yesterday and had they been say, Forest, I’d be saying they were certain for relegation. It’s as bad a performance I’ve ever seen from that club. And make no mistake, there is no clear fix there, they have huge problems
  10. I actually think it would help if the club actually came out and explained exactly the job Pearson has had to do and the constraints he’s had to work under since the mess Ashton created. Whilst some, and I’m not naive to the reasons why, have already made their minds up on Pearson i do think it would help some understand a little more that’s he’s been given a tough gig. Where i do feel frustration is that we do concede very very soft goals and that problem has not been addressed in his time here, I think it’s quite clear that 3 at the back with what we currently have is going to cause issues, and yes we have recruited to play that way but 2 of the players bought in were on the bench yesterday.
  11. Rob k


    If Weimann goes we’re in big big trouble, how much does a 30 year old get? 5-7m? Pointless
  12. How does that look? I wonder how many st holders are from outside of the area, and in my opinion, means they don’t care enough, even though they will say they do. My experience of these ‘fans’ is that they are so one eyed they don’t really get it!! Mind you - im not a massive SL fan so there would be plenty here that disagreed with me on that front
  13. This - soft as you like but in todays game you can’t do that. It’s a Red card all day long, there is no disputing it.
  14. I’d have started Wells instead of Martin and Wilson needs to be in the side for me
  15. And how much you have had to spend and how much you have had to trim a wage bill and how many players do you have you don’t want All in all pointless
  16. Another through his legs too and I’d expect a ‘top’ keeper to do better with the first he gets away with a lot from our fans (Imo).
  17. Spot on - im not a big fan of Massengo but if there is going to be a thread on players then where is the one on Bentley too?
  18. Sounds sensible - will add to that im not there so only by going on what I’m reading
  19. I will take a scrappy 1-0 today after last week
  20. As i keep saying - if you want an atmosphere the stick the home fans next to the away fans
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