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  1. Sunderland a much better away day, but Wycombe much closer for me. I also first and foremost want three teams below us next year and think they will struggle if they go up...so Wycombe for me.
  2. Gerrard half time team talk…”games gone lads, save yourself for the weekend”.
  3. Gerrard on a bonus to get Everton relegated?
  4. When you think of the points Everton did pick up against Man Utd and Chelsea…don’t see Leeds winning last day but blimey they cut it close.
  5. Think Rangers done well to get to ET really. They are going to be annoyed at what seemed a soft equaliser, but been second best for large parts. Temperature may not have helped and both teams seem knackered. Think Rangers would take penalties now.
  6. Atmosphere at these games when fans can actually get in, and it’s not 50% corporate tickets.
  7. Would agree with that. Equally SU maybe lucky to only be one down after the first leg. Thought end of season momentum would see Forest go up, but been well matched.
  8. Shows the intensity you need to succeed at this level. Both sides given it their all. Huddersfield loving it.
  9. Difficult to be entirely sure. Certainly the reason Ukraine won, but difficult not to believe our very strong vote from Eastern Europe was not itself in part a reflection of our response to the war. We put in a contender that was one of those that did not get lost in all the ballads. Congrats to Sam but I am not sure how it would have played out without the war and that we would have clearly won. Ukraine’s public vote has to go somewhere, and we were about 4th in the public vote, which even then is a good effort.
  10. MK much the prettier football side, but got done in the away leg and Wycombe just gave it everything tonight, even if at times appearing outplayed. Well done them, although fancy Sheff Wed/Sunderland would prefer them given the choice.
  11. MK, 15 corners, 22 shots, but only 4 on target. Wycombe doing what they do.
  12. Knowing a few Northampton fans, they are of course gutted, but strangely nuanced about it. They have been aiming for the play offs for ages. Even last weekend, although they finished third they still considered themselves outsiders. Both Port Vale and Mansfield could go above them if they won mid week, and they could be as low as fifth going in to the last weekend. The long shot happened and both Mansfield and Port Vale lost, and is was suddenly, ‘good grief, we are third going in to the last day’! For Rovers at the end of last weekend it seemed there was far to many stars needing to align for them to go up automatically. Of course, they did. Incredible really.
  13. Just one of those matches were not too much in it, we have contributed to it fully as a match, but are 2-0 down. Is what it is. Missing a bit of metal in midfield and not looking right at the back. Rare we don’t score at all, so hopefully we can still keep it relatively tight.
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