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  1. “And the name of the name of the snapchat model....Rebekah Vardy!” Coleen.
  2. Indeed. Always worth remembering that their are a small % of people not recommended to get the jab, although I suspect not the sort who would by and large risk large crowds anyway.
  3. “There’s still life in this perhaps for Bristol City....in by Taylor....it’s Xxxxxx! The roof has just come off here at Ashton Gate!”
  4. Of course, would be nuts to change. Not arguing that point. Surely however we can discuss the match, tactics etc. Otherwise we slip in to the ‘look at the result, so the performance must have been good’ defence of us in the early part of last season? Its possession, that did create chances. In defence we had no outlet. Those are things we need to improve in my humble opinion. ‘Southgate out’ would however be ludicrous. edit: Just to add, a riposte to the ‘be braver’ view is when push came to shove, his call on penalties took a lot of bravery. Just did not work out. He does if nothing else back his own judgement.
  5. When you have a 36 year old defender making overlapping runs it just highlighted how they felt totally secure at that phase of the match we had no outlet. We know how these games usually play out, one defends, one attacks, but the one defending carries a threat on the break. We just entirely lost for whatever reason the ability to break. They adjusted to take out our width, we could have tried adjusting ourselves and match them number wise in midfield, make it more difficult to play through our lines. Its been a great tournament, Italy are a fine side and are worthy winners. Maybe there is nothing we could have done that would have ended up making a difference. It felt however Southgate did not really trust his bench, which is just a bit odd.
  6. There is a lot of truth in what you say of course, but they were creating chances, and it did feel like only a matter of time. It’s not about defense v attack for me, it’s about what seemed extreme passivity with subs and tactics when we were allowed five. Nothing as far as I can remember until after they scored and if nothing else some fresh legs may have helped. When we made a couple the game became much more even. I even thought in extra time we shaded it. Suddenly Italy looked a little leggy and in the last 15 they looked happy to get to penalties. I am not talking about ripping up the play book that got us to the final, just a little more proactivity when a games momentum has changed. I had recorded Argentina v Brazil and watched it in the afternoon. Argentina were happy if it stayed 1-0 but played a slightly higher line, got in Brazil’s faces over the half way line, and just kept finding ways to break up play. Easy in hindsight and we have all moved from being a nation of virologists to football coaches of course. Bleh. Just really really disappointed more than anything.
  7. Kind of exactly how I feel. Its so nuts hard to win a major trophy. Just one average game, or match where the breaks go the other way and it’s all over. So much to admire about this group of players and Southgate, but second half was just watching a slow motion car crash knowing what was coming. The frustration was that when we eventually made a couple of subs, it became more obvious how gassed Italy were actually becoming and in ET I thought if anything we edged it. Suddenly it looked like Italy were happy with penalties. There is risk in any way be played. We ended up playing the way most likely to lose the lead. Tactically, we just lacked confidence in what we were doing up to then, notwithstanding the changes Italy made. It was just such a wonderful opportunity to grasp the moment. As for Saka, we let a lad who has never so much as taken a competitive penalty in a senior match take the most important penalty for us in most fans lifetimes. This team can learn and grow. Southgate has to too.
  8. In fairness I thought the whole of the first half we carried a threat. Second half was ‘bet you cannot score with 75% possession in a half’. As we find out time and time again the better teams can. No one is saying at a goal up it should be charge of the light brigade stuff, but we should be able to continue to carry some threat. Southgate is a safety first manager. We can all see the momentum of a game change, and if we are still a goal up he does nothing...until we aren’t. As for three little more than kids taking the last three penalties, the senior players have to step up there.
  9. First off, Italy deserved that. Secondly, what pressure do you put players under when they are just on to take a penalty kick. Saka not really had a good match and no idea why he was up last. Saving two should be enough. Some good moments across the cup, but not there yet.
  10. Got to be honest, if we had deserved to win I would be gutted by this. We deserved to lose, clearly, so this is all a bonus really.
  11. You would fancy unless we change something we are not getting to penalties.
  12. Second best all over. Just came out at half time believing we were good enough to see it over the line, which time and time again against the very best sides we have showed we are not.
  13. They made some changes that clearly made a difference. We just did not respond.
  14. Even more so. Got to say it’s been coming.
  15. Just starting to get Croatia semi final vibes. Get it together England.
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