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  1. And one has to assume that is also what the ref believes he sees. However, the best angle I have seen is 1:10 here. I honestly do not think he does get the ball. He clearly misses and catches Scott. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/competitions/championship/12438671/bristol-city-1-2-nottingham-forest
  2. I mean, if our home form was not so crap, how would we have looked at today? We played deep at 1-0, actually restricted them to very little chances wise even so, and still carried a real threat of getting a second which we were unlucky not to get. As we all know with only a one goal lead there is always the danger. The issue was at 1-1 our heads then went allowing their player to catch it before scoring the winner. Deserved more from the ref overall, and it’s now a mental block as much as anything. Just a bloody sickening result.
  3. Does not matter now, but just gutting again seeing our pen not given, and their player almost punching it in the net. It’s almost freakish now.
  4. It is. Wells unlucky not to score, could well have had a penalty...and pretty sure their winner was hand ball. It really feels like we are cursed at home. Hard to rationalise that.
  5. It’s almost unbelievable. This one leaves a real mark.
  6. It’s a thing. It’s now definitely a thing.
  7. He is what he is, but was it not Martin’s won header to Wells that led to the goal?
  8. Think the first half has been pretty even really, both of us have created chances, and we just got the break. Oddly just thought Forest were just getting on top when we scored. Going to feel a long second half. May not be today, but sense it will be a match like this where we eventually win at home...an even one were on the day the breaks go our way.
  9. Just thought Forest were just having their best period. Will take that!
  10. Just got home, quickly scanning through. ‘Bugger, must have just gone one down’ Scrolls some more...’yes, we missed!’.
  11. Martin does like his teams to play some football, and they seem on an upward trajectory. Interesting how we would have responded to getting a ‘bright up and coming Div 1 manager’, over say McCarthy when we got NP. Having said all that still think we pretty much dicked them at AG…well, all apart from the score that is.
  12. I mean, never totally in our hands, but who is going to give you more options over a season? Smith & Pato or Palmer & CoD?
  13. All over. Maybe could have snuck one in the second half, but outplayed pretty much. The worry is the squad is quite thin...couple more injuries today and we just end up being very meh.
  14. Been a training match for Bournemouth really. Yes, they have clearly been by far the better side, but the second just before half time killed this as a competitive match. Another match, another couple of injuries. Just a day when we have played poorly and everything has also gone wrong.
  15. One down, Bournemouth not really hitting their top gears yet. Could be a long old day.
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