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  1. John terry has announced he is coming out of retirement
  2. He does a cartwheel with his hand it’s not a natural position for me it’s a pen.
  3. During a German game once the teams went in for half time then ten minutes later came back as a team was awarded a penalty.
  4. Is the club shop open for walk in customers? Fancy the new training top for when the gym opens.
  5. We’re bristol city when have we ever been exciting to watch?
  6. Good job you’re not a Barca fan they charge 100 euros.
  7. Not for the poor police horses though.
  8. Rather watch mrs browns boys than watch a film about a cheat
  9. Spoons and the joy of not having a tough afternoon watching city.
  10. Is it me or is it the most underwhelming festival for some time.nothing really worth backing tomorrow and the gold cups not getting me excited.
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