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  1. When it's 2 2 don't bring on 2 defenders
  2. OK don't make any noise then.cant even get the applause on 75 minute right
  3. Held a sign up for an england ladies shirt but i never got one.
  4. Anyone know the best place to park for the England game tomorrow at the county ground? At the moment will park at cabot circus then bus it.should be in Bristol by 445.
  5. Why why why? Mama told me not to come
  6. Still not received my eticket for Tom Jones and stereophonics for this Saturday yet.
  7. Beales wheels will also take over the catering
  8. Will be starting as right wing back Tuesday
  9. Hi would like a spare code if any going spare.thanks
  10. Hope the mem have got their tents well tied down.
  11. Also we're keeping Our distance when marking the opposition.
  12. Got to take your hat off to them.
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