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    Simpson and Downing until end of season I fear.
  2. Awful again. No excuses for that performance.
  3. I doubt you are gonna keep 13 midfielders happy?
  4. If he stays then up front or in the no 10 role. Think he would thrive up front.
  5. How did Eliasson play in the no 10 role? I have thought for sometime that might be an interesting option.
  6. Yep. Remember Scott Buying me a pint in Bemmy that very day. Had Peter Taylor staying with him at his home and was extremely disappointed.
  7. Can anyone really realistically see fans returning next season or anytime soon? I really don’t think so unfortunately.
  8. Hmmn... I am really unsure. Is the thinking offer Williams a deal until Jan and in meantime look to line up and sign a long term Webster replacement is Jan? I assume that Williams will want 12 month min deal to get back in Wales squad for Euro 2020.
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