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  1. 1964… 58 inglorious years….
  2. Well, you could always substitute a,b,c and d and not worry about the order...TBA the equation is for those striving to solve the answer, so not Gas
  3. Jeff got it wrong, Gas logic equates as z(n= x+y) x being the reported number in the ground, y being a random locked out number and z being any retrospective number applied to substantiate a ridiculous claim (which the sagger could not calculate anyway)
  4. When a City Forum has a thread like this, predominately for taking the rip out of the Gas, one has to remember it's a two way street... This week it's their turn to revel in their comparative glory, and let's be honest at their level, what they've achieved since Xmas is pretty seismic. Only Mansfield gaining promotion will top it. Their last two games have produced consecutive dramas that will live in the minds of those who were there, and, in time, 30,000 more who say they were there. Fair play to them, every club's fans set expectations in line with their position, this season has undoubtedly exceeded these expectations. Sour grapes will only put sparkly icing on their 21/22 promotion cake.
  5. To put it in context, currently Rovers are the third best West Country team in league 2
  6. not the issues we had during the final
  7. £10 for golf tees FFS! paid £1.60 at the golf club pro's shop, bonkers
  8. of course the way we handled the Final this year will guarantee it, no coked up nutters, no ticket problems, no security issues, all felt really safe! Unless all games are played in Ireland, Wales and Scotland with England being used as a car park it's going to be a hard sell. And then there's the Northern Ireland issue that could well see the UK breaking its agreement.
  9. 2000 eh! Strange, a poor deluded soul, who's son plays rugby with my boy, told me there were 3,500 at Rochdale yesterday. So only 1,500 locked out, quite a drop in travelling numbers. You'd have thought the usual 25,000 would have gone up for this one!
  10. My memories are of very old rolling stock, beer cans and quarter bottles of scotch, smashed windows coming out of Cardiff, overflowing bogs, lads in luggage racks, running through stations and laughter. A great adventure when you were a teenager, not so sure I'd enjoy the experience so much now. Never saw a disco on any special I went on, or dancing!
  11. I have one eye permanently facing back waiting for that day
  12. The Lansdown of course, but I got my East and West muddled, that will teach me to try and be clever!
  13. That would not fill the East Stand with room for segregation and a specialist fancy dress restraint unit. However, I'm not sure the surrounding area could cope with the 500,000 locked out!
  14. Never go back Lee, especially to AG. You were average as a player, we are still saddled with your "coach" legacy and the metaphors, simile, cliché and pure gobbledygook of your press statements and interviews have left me scarred for life! You need a new challenge(radio pundit should not be on your list following Saturday's attempt) several hundred miles away from Bristol!
  15. Freeman did well in League one in the face of some seriously average defences, having several in form strikers (Wibs, Smith, JET and Agard) and wing backs (Bryan/Little) to help him along the way. Was toilet for us in the Championship, kept running around like Dill the Dog from the Herbs
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