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  1. Away days to look forward to Fleetwood, Rochdale crewe Burton Accrington this should strike fear into Lansdowns heart
  2. Simpson and Downing are probably two of the most useless recruits the club has made and Holden must take the credit for that his recommendations by God have they added absolutely nothing the sooner they bugger off the better
  3. In league 1 next season which is where we are likely to be
  4. We are heading back to the level we belong we have been bloody appalling for 3 seasons and our fall back to league 1 will be either this season or next the club is absolutely rotten
  5. Steve if you are reading this thanks for the great work you've done and 25 years later we are going to be back where you started your appointment of Holden ranks among the most awful appointments of your tenure you should of listened to mark Ashton oh hold on you did you bloody clown
  6. If we need 52 points to stay up forget it we have no chance of reaching that total
  7. God where are going to get the points we need, waiting on players returning from injury who will need match fitness you can almost see the out of contract players just going through the motions and hiding just to get the game over and avoiding any physical contact
  8. To be fair to Lansdown he's getting exactly what he deserves to appoint holden was always likely to be a mistake, downing and Simpson have really disappointed me they proved with there chance today how inept they are and they have improved nothing, sadly I've seen better City sides than this relegated but this lot are devoid of effort talent ability and sadly bottle really shameful, for Steve L you sometimes get what you deserve and you and Ashton deserve this completely
  9. 1 shot on target glad they released the shackles imagine what it could have been like
  10. Barnsley sitting back waiting to catch us on the break for 2-0
  11. We are one week from 20th place Lansdown and Ashton getting exactly what they deserved
  12. When we need a team to fight for every ball they pick diedhou who won't bust a gut beach shorts on already
  13. Where we are in the table at the moment time is very much against us having seen what Simpson and downing have contributed so far doesn't fill me with much optimism hope I'm wrong
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