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  1. RIP Terry Cooper - a great guy who exemplified what connection with the fans is all about. Terry brought much-needed class and experience to our team during those heady days in the top flight. In later years he guided our struggling club away from the embarrassment of playing in the 4th Division. A time when the die-hard, loyal supporters and our club were tightly-knit in taking on everything thrown at us. With scant resources Terry provided the leadership, grit and determination to get us heading back up the league and winning trophies. Thanks for everything.
  2. This just about sums up this great man. Little more that I can add, except that his figures spoke for themselves; he multiplied attendances, and opinions of him were undivided. Plus, in my opinion, he had no negatives. If our strikers today had just a fraction of what this giantbrought to the game, we'd be shooting up the (times) table. I hope I've made my (decimal) point.
  3. Nope, can't figure this one out. Give us another clue.
  4. So whenever they posted "we're coming for you", were they really directing those messages to Windy-Arse ?
  5. All in all, England done well. On the night, the Italian players just seemed to want it more, while England, after that cracking start, backed off and went into their shell. This is something Southgate needs to examine closely and fix asap. The organisers need to find a better/fairer way than penalty shoot-outs, to determine the cup-winners. Penalties are a really hit and miss thing (literally in England's case, unfortunately). We thought football was coming home, but England failed to pasta test, and so it went to Rome.
  6. VAR is rubbish. It has slowed down the action and made the game less spontaneous and enjoyable. Worse still, it has generated more controversy than it was designed to remove. ControVARsial !
  7. So you reckon all Brexiteers are chest pumping xenophobes? There's nothing wrong with being patriotic and proud of your country's achievements. If England win again I'm certain thousands of English citizens who voted to stay in the EU (alongside Brexiteers) will be pumping their chests and flying the flag of St George. If Denmark, Spain or Italy beat England, their fans will, quite rightly, pump their chests and patrioticaly wave their countries' flags. I assume you have no problem with that.
  8. Sincere best wishes to you Paul Simpson in overcoming this horrible illness.
  9. Et tu Dave? I'm no conspiracy theorist, but It's looking increasingly like the Sancti Brendani Cabal is running things behind the scenes at OTIB. WWG1WGA
  10. There's no hope for some. Has anyone organised a crowdfunding page that I can ignore?
  11. Now that's what I call a serious illness. Thankfully, not contagious.
  12. Where there's blame, there's a claim. Try for at least £1M. Possibly more to compensate for all those years of PTSD. If you succeed, you can buy me a Glynn & tonic.
  13. To get their TV to function, my mate's dad used to slot coins into a meter located at the back of their TV. Early version of Pay to View?
  14. From this, I assume you are a former Sancti Brendani ? One of the UK's top rugby schools back in the day (late 60s/early 70s) There were some well-known skinheads/nutters at Brendan's in the early seventies. Virtually all were City die-hards, frequently seen involved in the action on the East End and at away games. I suspect that only their rugby commitments prevented them attending more regularly. They enjoyed a ruck and were definitely not saints !
  15. It probably takes three days to print a Tyreeq Jamal Adeshina Oliveira Bakinson shirt, and the print-setters will then require a day's leave to recover from exhaustion. Thank Christ he doesn't have a double-barrel surname.
  16. First, Rovers went down and now there's a remote possibility that Barton could be sent down. Reckon we should rename "the Fewers" as "the Downers".
  17. The only magic will be another disappearing act by the Fewers when the team starts sliding further down the table. As Colin Daniels' namesake used to say " you'll like this but not a lot ! "
  18. Yeh but they have 20,000 posters locked out.
  19. Tied up in knots by Villareal and they completely unravelled. Poor old Man Untied (sic)
  20. What Barton meant was he wanted players who won't be phased by playing in larger stadiums and in front of bigger crowds than they get at the Tentmorial.
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