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  1. Feel sorry for the guy. Pretty sure he'll be aware of the negativity surrounding his appointment. If he doesn't hit the ground running he'd be in for a difficult time if we had any supporters in the ground. However it's a payday I guess and I've taken the job in his position, why not? Now, when do I get to find out how to refund my season tickets?
  2. Yep, can't dredge up any interest in either direction. If I can get my grands worth of season tickets refunded I will do. If not I've still got better things to do. Shame really , had some great times following City, said a lot of negative things regarding Lansdown over the years, but good luck to him hope he'll prove me wrong, but I can't be bothered anymore.
  3. Surely it's easier than that. My wife and I both have season tickets, so if she doesn't come I can go to all the games?
  4. Ace! Love a good death fight over favourite financial advisers
  5. I think you've got to accept that any player trying to make clever defence splitting passes is going to make more 'poor' passes than those that take the 5 yd sideways/backwards option.
  6. Why not let 'em out to queue for a burger?
  7. This is a guy who's never achieved anything anywhere. Mediocre as a player, mediocre as a manager. He;s fallen into a job due to family ties with an owner. Gave us a brief half season where we had an opportunity to be proud of our club and the style of football we were playing, largely due to circumstance, and has bored me senseless ever since. I think I'd love any club that allowed me that indulgence and don't offer any respect to him at all. Complete charlatan.
  8. I'd say LJ, longball and no plan B is about as basic as you can get.
  9. I'd probably be tempted at this point if we'd taken the FC Seoul approach.
  10. No worries, it's important that we don't forget Benny Hill
  11. I'd stick to copy/pasting other peoples jokes Tone
  12. Well good luck, genuinely hope you're right, but I doubt it. I'm a doc and I'm afraid most of my colleagues would disagree with you.
  13. That sounds like a lovely planet. Most of us are stuck on this one
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