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  1. ozpaul


    Saw that game as I was living in Brighton at the time. Irks me to say it but Warboys and Bannister were an excellent pair up front. Seem to remember that Clough and Taylor were managing Brighton around that time.
  2. Thanks trickytimes, sorry to hear he is no longer with us. I don't remember him but hey it was a long time ago, think I was 9 years old then. I appreciate your communication.
  3. Hi tricky, yes that's right. I would be interested to know who your friend is.
  4. I will always remember playing against Chris when I was at primary school. He was playing for South St primary if my memory serves me well. Before the game started our teacher advised us that they had a player who was very good and that we would put two players on him to shut him down. We lost 11-1 Chris scored 10 and one of the goals was when he picked up a pass from their goalkeeper just outside their box and proceeded to dribble up through the field and and scored in our penalty area. We had a reasonable side at that time but his class was just amazing. Thanks for the memories Chris as a junior and senior player.
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