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  1. Just watched some footage of Saturday and JD was out on the pitch with the squad warming up before the game , so maybe there is no issue with Jay....
  2. I listened to some of it "live" in the car through my speakers on the way home... Listening back now, the audio through a phone is not as bad......
  3. Yep... Audio issues ruined the 100th episode... Good work lads reaching 3 figures. Dave's Mic was far too loud and you couldn't hear Ian
  4. He certainly wasn't holding back.... Lets just hope its only 3 or 4 maximum bad apples and he's not losing the whole dressing room....
  5. Did anybody get the impression from the press conference that he may get rid of some players
  6. Tomo


    I don't think we will see Nige back unfortunately (or fortunately for some), The defining "NO" answer from RG when asked whether they had any plans of potentially bringing in Craig Shakespeare points to NP not returning. Just my opinion. I think Nige would want him at the club, now he is a free agent!
  7. Tomo


    I think Gould will give an update with Twentyman later on the city chat. I would guess its a statement that Nige is taking time out to recover and Shakespeare will join Fleming. Pearson wont walk away. Just needs to get well and then will return imo
  8. Nige won't walk... Get better soon big man and come back and help us stay away from a relegation battle. Always believe. AFTER Jan 22, Summer 22 and Jan 23 transfer windows, if you fail to be challenging then, I will show you the door... In the meantime, get well soon.
  9. https://thefishy.co.uk/formtable.php?table=2
  10. This seasons target is to simply stay up. Pearson needs Jan22, Summer 22 and Jan23 transfer windows. Then we can judge?
  11. Bakinson is playing quite well if your watching the game...
  12. Tomo


    Unprofessional behavior full stop and he's made it worse by reacting to fans suggesting they meet him 'for a coffee at the stadium' He should have immediately deleted his post and realised his actions. He is on thin ice imo.
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