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  1. That rules out a Sunday announcement
  2. Announce Announce Announce
  3. Fingers crossed.... The most qualified man for the Bristol City Job.... Will get the Job.... Hoping for Chris to be announced soon. I wish Cook all the best at Brum.
  4. Paul Cook? 2 words No Thanks
  5. Herts Live exclusively reveal... These local rags crack me up. Let's hope they are exclusively wrong!
  6. Talksport and Daily Mail claimed we would announce Hughton this weekend (forget Gregor for now)... I'm hoping for a Saturday evening bumper announcement. They surely wouldn't do it on a Sunday... The last day of the prem. Keep that F5 button going... :laugh:
  7. As i said.... Bored now. The club really have no idea that 'timing means everything' to the fans... Following breaking news by the press and media yesterday... We now have to wait for another 7 to 10 days? Have a good weekend guys...
  8. Hughton won't wait for us if another decent opportunity arises at another club.
  9. I now expect Hughton to take another opportunity that comes his way, whilst Mark Ashton and Jon Lansdown 'ponder over 8 candidates over the next 7 to 10 days' Embarrassing if this happens!
  10. Fingers crossed we will get his appointment confirmed in the next few days. I have posted this newly titled topic as the old one was getting a tad 'off topic'. The bread puns was a bit of fun but jeez... Shall we talk football and Chris Hughton...
  11. Just mentioned on SSN - all the presenter said, they would keep Bristol City fans informed on any news as soon as it comes in (words to that effect)!
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