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  1. Squeak


    Just had my second one through. Also chose option three. No record of a refund on my card...
  2. Squeak


    Pretty sure we got three points out of Charlton as well!
  3. I think I’d rather not.
  4. Hasn’t won the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy though, has he?
  5. I read he was banned from St Mary’s for pissing all over the seats at a previous game. Definitely believable. Unsure if true.
  6. Pretty sure there was a Chelsea player on loan at Derby last season (Tomori, maybe?) who was allowed to play against his parent club in the cup. He then subsequently scored an own goal. Crafty.
  7. Good point. He is well known for his soft belly.
  8. Championship final is always on a Saturday when an international tournament is upcoming. It’s always on the Monday if there’s no tournament. I think.
  9. Now Sale have sacked Tom over the alleged leak.
  10. Brilliant session for Glos has seen them reduce Glamorgan from 87-0 to 120-8. Great to watch.
  11. I'll be watching from my apartment! C'mon Glos!
  12. Most people (me included) plan around it. If they had let us know months ago it wouldn't have been a problem for most, including all the poor Notts County fans. Many more people will now miss it than can now make it.
  13. Piss poor. I now can't make it and I know others are in the same boat. At least without considerable expense. This hasn't exactly been sprung on the club at short notice. Will I get a refund for the value of the match on my ST? Of course not. Assuming both clubs have to agree, Notts County have also pissed all over their fans.
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