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  1. What an absurd team. No other sports team in the world gets close.
  2. 14 wickets falling to spin by lunch on Day 2. A part time off spinner getting Alastair Cook out. Imagine if this had happened at Taunton.
  3. Either of them or Lammonby or even Green makes a lot more sense than Bartlett.
  4. Fair play, Bartlett coming in at that point was absolute Lee Johnson areas.
  5. For the absurd amounts of money we’ve paid him to barely play for us, yes I’d say he was. Clearly he’s a better player than people like Engvall, but that isn’t what I’m arguing.
  6. I didn’t say he’s the worst player we’ve had, of course he isn’t. But the money that has spent, I think he’s the worst signing.
  7. Worst signing we’ve ever made.
  8. Best zero pounds and zero pence I’ve ever spent.
  9. How many games do we have to see Jonny Bairstow fail to ever even look like a top five batsman in test match cricket? He plays as a keeper and bats seven, or he doesn’t play. Surely.
  10. Unluckiest bloke going.
  11. Really glad we left these two out in the Caribbean. Really good decision that.
  12. Pleasantly surprised. Very good news.
  13. Well fair play, it’s nigh on impossible to have a lower opinion of Lee Johnson’s ability to manage a football team than I do, but for the life of me I can’t think how pointing out he won The Papa John’s Trophy means you’re part of the much feared ‘cancel culture/snowflake brigade’. What a truly absurd remark. Potentially the maddest thing I’ve ever read on this forum to be honest.
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