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  1. I’ve been David Brent, you’ve been the best.
  2. Just unfortunate for them that their utterly dumb sport is completely irrelevant really.
  3. Another genuinely atrocious post, keeping up your 100% record.
  4. Couldn’t sum a team up in one day better than this. Ridiculous to sublime and then back again.
  5. They ever lost three consecutive games by an innings? Quite the achievement.
  6. Google must have a lot to answer for.
  7. They’re not going home, they’re going straight to UAE to play the IPL.
  8. Again you’re wrong. They won in 2007.
  9. Bought tickets in September 2019 for the test at Old Trafford last year, had them rolled over to this year, now still not watching it as India’s players have decided that actually they don’t fancy it an IPL is round the corner. Class. The ECB will just do absolutely nothing as it’s India, whereas other countries get treated with utter contempt and we may play them occasionally and they should feel themselves lucky. Broken sport. In fact the ECB will probably ask India to allow their players to play in the Crisps Invitational next season, and see that as agreeable compensation. Still, guess it means I can now see Nige and the lads tomorrow instead..
  10. I can’t be too critical of these players or this team as they’ve competed much better than I thought they would and have been beaten by a vastly superior team. The elephant in the room, and the point that I’m confused some people seem to keep missing, is that this is a crap team. One test quality batsman, no frontline spinner, have only played in one test out of four with a pace bowler in the team, still utterly reliant on a (brilliant) 39 year old who is actually finally beginning to show his age in second innings of games. Without our talismanic superhero of an all rounder the cracks in this team cannot be papered over. This is the first year since 2001 that England will fail to win either home series in a summer. Now fair enough, they’ve played the best two teams in the world, but my issue is that I’d advise people to get used to it. The England test team is in terminal decline thanks to the utter charlatans running the game in this country. As for the Ashes, look at what’s happened in the second half of this game when the pitch has flattened out. We have absolutely no idea how to win on those pitches. If they win a game in Australia I’d be stunned. Developing test match players just isn’t something that concerns the ECB anymore I’m afraid.
  11. Really glad you let us know.
  12. They are genuinely horrendous aren’t they.
  13. We’re extremely lucky to have him, and I can’t understand those that don’t realise it.
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