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  1. Your two opening batsmen getting out playing shots like that. Just give up.
  2. 16th drop of the series from England. Shambles in every way.
  3. The absolute state of it for crying out loud.
  4. That’s absolutely an acceptable explanation for the players missing county cricket due to being away at the IPL. But the Hundred? Its the ECB that decided to throw loads of cash (cash they have from the broadcast deal that is largely for test matches!) at average county players to spend the peak of the summer playing in their white elephant of a tournament. Clearly first class cricket has its financial concerns, but for the ECB Test Cricket is their cash cow. Over two thirds of the 1.1 billion broadcast deal is for the test matches. One single test match brings in more ticket revenue than a whole season of the hundred. Test matches, in this country at least, pay the bills. It’s remarkable the attitude the ECB has to them. This isn’t a young team that’s been thrown under the bus. Look at the ages of our better players, this is a team that’s only going to get worse. As incredible as that sounds.
  5. The argument that The ECB have chosen the money of white ball cricket instead of the purity of first class cricket doesn’t stack up though does it. The ECB make the vast, vast majority of their money through the 6/7 test matches they host every year. The Hundred doesn’t make money. It loses money. And lots of it. We can all write lists of people that need to go, and we’d all be naming roughly the same people. But if none of these lists can leave off Tom Harrison. His removal should be announced well before we all start debating who should be the next captain and coach and who are the next batch of unqualified top order batsmen to be thrown in with next to no chance of succeeding.
  6. A few players should have played their last test, a couple more should have played their last test outside England. The captain and coach should both go..and yet.. you still won’t have got close to the underlying problems with first class cricket in this country. The ECB is an absolute disgrace and are bringing the sport into disrepute. In my life England have lost 5-0 in Australia twice, 4-0 another time, lost the ashes in 10 days in 2002 and apart from 10/11 they’ve failed to win a test while the ashes were still on the line. Yet this is the biggest shower they’ve been and it’s not even close. This Australia team is good, it’s not great. We’ve only had to play their first choice bowling attack once. An utter embarrassment.
  7. I genuinely think that first innings at the Gabba is the least pathetic of the England collapses in this series. What a team.
  8. Bowled well so far today to be fair.
  9. Well kind of as Australia could have drawn the series, but even then England had retained the ashes before they got to Sydney.
  10. At the very least the ashes remaining five tests has to be in some doubt, certainly in Australia. What is the point? Every four years England fail to even compete? How will people remain interested in a five tests of a one sided mismatch. The SCG, one of the most famous grounds in the world. When did it last have a live Test Match when England are touring?
  11. The standard of batting in this country, good grief. Embarrassing.
  12. Crawley outperforming his year average. Great progress.
  13. Does anything sum up English cricket at the moment better than the supposed answer to our batting issues is a bloke averaging 11 this year?
  14. Has any team ever been as bad as this while being so old? Could just about accept it if it were a bunch of young lads being thrown in. Only three players in this 11 under 30.
  15. For all the talk about Burns he’s the only bloke so far who didn’t get himself out.
  16. What have England done with the Ollie Pope that came into the team and looked a player? It’s painful watching it now.
  17. We’ve won a session. I swear you’ll never see anything like this ever again. So watch it, drink it in.
  18. The problem with the current criticism of Burns, not that I disagree, is that of the 15 (fifteen) openers England have brought in since Strauss retired he’s been the most successful, as low a bar as that is. I ultimately don’t think he’s good enough, I refuse to accept you can bat like that and be successful in test cricket and I absolutely accept that watching him crab about is torture, but there is no evidence we have anyone that will do better. It’s almost now a decade since Andrew Strauss retired.. Compton, Root, Carberry, Robson, Trott, Lyth, Moeen, Hales, Jennings (twice), Hameed (twice), Stoneman, Burns, Roy, Sibley and Crawley. They’ve all had a go, none of them have been good enough (I think Hameed deserves a decent crack at it tbf). As sad as it is, Burns has been the best of that lot. So fine drop him, I won’t disagree, but who are we playing? Crawley? He struggles to average 30 in first class cricket let alone test level. Bairstow because he gives the white ball a whack? Fly Sibley over? His technique is even worse than Burns. Not exactly spoilt for choice. As is the case whenever criticising this team (and I’m just as guilty of this as everyone else), you have to accept unfortunately there aren’t good players lining up to take these lads places. Same as any criticism of Root and Silverwood. I essentially think they’re both useless, but have whoever you want as captain and coach. Try winning in Australia with one top class batsmen, one injury prone quick bowler* and no dependable spinners. *Root of course partly responsible for Jofra being broken and unable for selection.
  19. You’ll do well to see a more pathetic dismissal of a test match opening batsman than that.
  20. Woke. Of course. Of course Lee Johnson’s inability to manage a successful football team is because of people being woke. I’ve seen some excuses for that bloke offered up on this forum over the years, but blaming it on players being ‘woke’. Jesus wept.
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