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  1. Next he’ll be posting pictures of Lily
  2. Joe Burrell would be very comfortable in this England side. Sideways and backwards passing was his specialty. With the squad we’ve got ,very disappointing negative set up again. Probably sneak it 1-0 and everyone will be saying how good a job we did . Maybe ,but very boring to watch.
  3. My blast finals tickets have just got more interesting!!
  4. Ha ha ,old league 3 promotions and waste of time freight rover or whatever it was cup. Your making us sound like Man united . The last 30 years have been dire. We should have done do much better.
  5. Was there ,at least there were a couple of goals. The one I remember better was a year or so later , we were packed in the away end , looking forward to a good jump around ,but finished 0-0. To make the day even worse ,some of the lads at the back were doing their usual anti-Welsh sheep shagging songs that the local plod took great exception to and barged through us all swinging their tronchons back and forth(I took one in the belly-just stood there!!!!) before removing random guys from the back. Got to be said Newport is a sithole.
  6. Arsenal 0-1 City Memories of this game have been done to death ,but if you’d been there it was a very special day.The wurzel no hopers from the West Country coming up to be canon fodder for London royalty. Too many disappointing starts .Millwall was definitely up there.But for me it was the uninspiring 2-2 drawer hone to Oxford I think98/99. We’d spent millions on two strikers and Sean Dyche at centre half.Expectations we’re so high.We defended so badly,you knew the game was up and another season of mediocrity beckoned.
  7. Come on Steve you know this makes sense. Recognise the City Legend.
  8. I wish I’d put a monkey on!!
  9. Had a pony on Bournemouth at half time and full time at 7/5. Thought that was very generous.
  10. Terry Cooper ,this Leeds legend,came down to the West Country and picked our football club up by the bootstraps. No airs and graces,he just got us. Some of my most memorable times watching my team were under your great management. Thank you.
  11. They weren’t quite so friendly after the game. Nor when they came to Ashton Gate later in the season. The London clubs ,always seemed to come in the East End in reasonable numbers ,usually not for long(except West Ham on one occasion)and you were always very weary of accents next to you during those games.
  12. It’s comments like this that always disappoint me on these boards ,it doesn’t address the question ,but snipes and bullies people with an alternative view to them.Reading between the lines it says people with this view are stupid. I say that as someone who thinks Southgate blew a massive opportunity but should stay on.I also liked LJ for a lot of his time here,wow not popular,but my opinion. The thing about these boards ,like life you will have a huge variety of views some extreme in both directions that you will disagree hugely with.But everyone has the right to their own opinion without being slaughtered for holding that opinion.Point out why you think they are wrong ,with your own arguments.But generic mudslinging I see all too often and is sadly a way off life on-line. The fact that all here spend time and effort on this particular board ,means we are all Bristol City supporters.Hopefully we can remember that when debating on here this season.
  13. He deserves the next tournament. Likeable chap. But I wonder if we’d swapped managers at half time last night ,whether there would have been a different outcome. Got to say lots of England managers of the past would have loved the options this group of players gives you. No doubt we blew our best opportunity for decades last night and that was down to tactics.Hopefully lessons learned. Ha ha you beat me to it with the manager swap question!!
  14. Let me say I have loved the rollercoaster ride of the last few weeks,what joy in the country,thank you England. So after the massive disappointment of last night ,what do we need to change to go one better next year?? I’m aware some of you think nothing and everything is rosey ,I respect that opinion and you may be right ,this failure may motivate the players and the manager may grow a pair and become more positive. However football is full of opinions and I think there are a few areas we need to improve on or we risk wasting probably the best squad of players England has ever had. The manager’s going nowhere,he needs to be far more positive.We played last night like a relegation threatened team that had nicked an early lead and were desperately hanging on for the 3 points and we are experts at watching that at City!did their keeper make a save all night? For me Grealish needs to start ,we need a bit more pace in the centre backs ,so a n other to partner Maguire and Phillips offers too little with ball at feet the constant backwards or sideways passing makes me think Joe Burrell must in the coaching squad somewhere. Anyway that’s my thoughts,I’m sure you’ll have plenty of different ones.
  15. Sorry I disagree,not that it will make any difference. If Southgate remains as negative as he has most of this tournament,we could potentially waste the best squad of England players we ever had. He will undoubtably retain his very well paid position,so for the sake of us mere supporters ,I hope he learns to play a far more positive game ,otherwise further frustration and disappointment beckons.
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