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  1. There are many things wrong with some of his comments after leaving us.But you can’t deny most of his goals were self made and often Worldies. That goal at QPR was special. Just never really had the players around him for the team to push on.
  2. It’s quite sobering to think that just about all City supporters under the age of 45 have never seen us in the top flight.Considering some of the clubs that have been up and down over those years that is a pretty sad indictment of the poverty of our club since 1980.
  3. Sorry ,it was a good night .But doesn’t compare to 20th April 1976,that those of us of a certain age will remember well. Whitehead’s goal that took us up to the promised land and the elation of over 27k cramming the terraces,lives long in the memory. What a night.
  4. One of our ex -players and ex goalie coach Stuart Naylor was in the stand that day as he played for Lincoln, but was injured at the time I think. Had a chat to him about it once ,sounded horrendous and very much luck dictated whether you chose the right way out or not.
  5. Bloody Reading. Fortunately had Wrexham as a £20 stand alone that covers the rest of my £5 trebles so still a chance for profit.
  6. So City are more than 4-1 to beat a Brentford side that will stay 3rd win lose or draw.This really is a game they don’t need. However our team is in such disarray I can’t recommend us and Brentford at 3/5 are no value. Probably the 3 value bets are QPR home to Luton at better than evens ,Reading home to Huddersfield at 19/20 and Wrexham aiming for the play offs 6/5 to beat a Yeovil team who will be glad to see the end of the season. Remember bookies live in big houses and go on expensive holidays ,there’s only one winner in the long run ,you have been warned!!!
  7. So City are more than 3-1 to win today. All right ,all right I know (as I use bet 365 I actually won last week cos city were miraculously 2 goals up).However I don’t really fancy us this week,or any week at the moment.Millwall are evens if anyone fancies doubling their money at city’s expense. I think the best bet today is Swansea at 17/10 home to Derby. End of season often throws up odd results though and you’ve never seen a poor bookmaker,you have been warned.
  8. Sorry mate. 3-1 just too good odds. But dreadful team , so probably just wishful thinking.Only hope is Luton are all ready on the beach.
  9. Too late ,I guess it was going to be a wasted tenner either way.I shall spend an afternoon in the sunshine and if this god awful team has sneaked a victory the £30 won will pay for this afternoons beers and food .If more likely not on the positive side I didn’t waste the afternoon watching it.
  10. City are nearly 3-1 to beat the mighty Luton at home today. Would it be madness to risk the tenner I’d usually spend watching it???
  11. I spoke to Steve Thompson(exyeovil manager and player)Regarding that 7-1 defeat at Northampton as it was one of the only games he played for City ,and was a mere lad. He said he just kept looking around at the senior players expecting them to front up ,organise or encourage . He was shocked that none of them stepped up to the plate ,and I think was quite traumatised by the match still.
  12. Campbell Ryce and Marvin Elliott???
  13. Wow ,if that case what’s the point in going to any games at all . I agree that the atmosphere is rarely anywhere near what it was in days gone by ,but one of the few good ones in recent years was the tinpot trophy game against the gas........but I suspect if your arguments are to be believed you didn’t go to that!
  14. Eh, If they were in the same league as us they would be of a similar standard. I really don’t get the lack of interest in playing our closest rivals on a regular basis.Again I can only assume most have never experienced the rivalry. Clearly if it ever does happen again ,hopefully all on here who are so underwhelmed by the fixture would not get a ticket and allow those who might enjoy it to get one.
  15. I think the better question,is would spurs fans miss playing Arsenal.They never played Barnet regularly. We only have one other team in the City. Glad to be in a minority,probably due to being one of the few that actually went to the derbies of years gone by. Vert difficult for the crowd to get up for a game against Blackburn or the like ,as well as the loss of terraces it’s easier to see why AG has become more of a library at times. Shame ,oh well thank goodness my other sporting teams fans -Bristol don’t want Bath to disappear and Somerset don’t want Gloucestershire to disappear.
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