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  1. You’re probably right,16 of their last 17 matches were in the league below ,I’m hoping we are up for our first home game of the season…. So more notts county and less Millwall for those who can remember that far back.
  2. Well at 29/20 for the win I have lumped £20 on us . Sunderland looked ok in attack last week on the telly ,but thought they were vulnerable at the back.We were unlucky to lose at Hull. Hate betting on us as often double misery,but think the odds are too tempting to ignore.
  3. I probably sat next to you in the years 1971-1975 as we always went in the open end then and sat on the ledge behind the ht scoreboard .We then moved to the east end as there was plenty of trouble in the open end back then. I always ran on the pitch at the end to pat the players on the back(loads of us nippers did it and it was accepted as ok then),I remember the shirts being bobbly to the touch and not smooth. Happy days ,I hope they remind you of your Dad and the time you spent together .
  4. I’d be a tad pissed off if my family and home had been destroyed by a foreign country invading my land. I guess some people (the polish coach)have standards,others appear to be apologists and don’t.
  5. I think those of us of a certain age remember when teams didn’t change their kits every season. Leeds we’re all white ,Liverpool all red ,even the away kits generally were the same (although that yellow Leeds kit in the 70’s was perhaps where it started to change).We had red shirts and white shots ,a bit dull ,but all kits were in those days ,it was solely a way of deferentiating between the two teams . This years strip is an Arsenal strip ,I’ll manage ,but just not very Bristol City. On a more positive note ,it could be argued that City are helping some Bristolians with the cost of living crisis,as I see many clad in Arsenal shirts as I go about my business in the City and they can now rock up to Ashton Gate without spending a penny and fit right in .
  6. Jeez ,just seen this. It is an Arsenal shirt full stop. Don’t they realise Man City are the country’s top team ,if we wanted to copy a premiership team perhaps we should have gone the full sky blue…….
  7. 1970,1-0 home loss to Sheffield United,sat on railings area right side of open end as you look at the pitch.
  8. This was the very first fixture I ever went to ,1970 ,we lost 0-1. Hopefully we will do better today.
  9. All my folks come from bedminster down,my grandparents were proper old school Bristolians(and great city fans) ,my great grandfather was a miner in Bristol and nearby,who knew we had mines and people scratching a living as miners in Bristol! My accent has a very mild West Country burr,my grandparents (long gone now) would probably tell me I’m posh.
  10. Wow we are 11-2 for the win. Clearly Fulham should be favourites,but on a wet windy day at home ,those odds seem very generous.
  11. Semenyo having a bit of pace and skill has had a great second half.
  12. Miserable times ,we truly are pony. However on a more positive note ,on page one of this thread you will see i put £10 on city to win (11-2) despite your better advice , and remarkably sensible behaviour,I cashed out for a near £30 profit at 2-1 up,so not all bad………just saying.
  13. Crikey we are 5-1 for the win. You’d think we were playing Chelsea or are we really that bad at the moment. Got to stick a tenner on,probably won’t see it again though.
  14. Next he’ll be posting pictures of Lily
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