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  1. Can someone on Twitter please tell Gregor how to spell "minuscule"? TIA
  2. I suspect that if the song was only allowed to be sung by those whose wives he might actually like to shag, it would be a somewhat quieter rendition
  3. This reminds me that I was drunkenly imagining a song for our goalkeeper last night when a song came up on my random playlist: "Won't let me down, Bentley" to the tune of Don't Let Me Down Gently by the Wonderstuff Now, as song suggestions go, it might not be very good, but it's definitely original
  4. Tommy's home brew? Where is the old sot anyway
  5. Carry On Cam Pring, in effect* *with apologies to the originator of this joke
  6. Just Say No - to crochet Crochet - not even once Etc. I hope it never comes to that. I imagine there are support groups you can join?
  7. Snap, Tom. I did this one: https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/gibsons-the-brands-that-built-britain-puzzle-1000-pieces/620091-1000 I was just going to say to @exAtyeoMax that that would make a good jigsaw puzzle Next stop, learning to crochet
  8. As per the two previous comments, my immediate thought was that this seems finally to be a totally relaxed-into-the-job version of NP. Things are picking up, as was perhaps inevitable under such competent and experienced stewardship, and he seems comfortable and content here with City. I don't want to exaggerate, but I think he's taking us up.
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