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  1. Risible modern attempts at making new swearwords, such as "cockwomble" and "wankpuffin". These make me want to punch the user really hard in the face, for some reason. Other than that, nothing really bothers me. I'm a Zen #&£@#&£@#&#. So much so that I think my nearest and dearest wish I gave more of a shit about them, or me, or anything really
  2. Agreed. As mentioned above, when someone says "for f*cks hake" on the match day thread, it's just the worst.
  3. Who was it on here a short while ago who was very amusing for making comments that invariably started with "I don't want to overreact, but" and then going on to have a full on ironic meltdown
  4. One of my unforgettable City memories, actually. When we signed Kevin Betsy and Phil Jevons, I immediately thought of "Jevons to Betsy" and proceeded to exclaim this loudly in every pub on North Street, finding myself to be the greatest wit since I don't know Oscar Wilde. You can imagine, then, my excitement upon tuning in to Radio Bristol one fine day to listen to the City commentary, and hearing the immortal phrase uttered, as Phil passed the ball to Kevin, "Jevons, to Betsy, ...". Well, dear reader, I basically peaked right there
  5. You-know-who incoming in 5...4...3...
  6. Oh I see, first match of the season you said, my reading skills somewhat lacking
  7. Vyner seems an odd choice there. Do you see all of Kalas, Klose, Atkinson and Naismith starting? I don't think he gets in the squad most of the time.
  8. Don't get used to it mate, back to scorchio tomorrow! Funnily enough my ex who is Portuguese is in Bristol this week with our daughter who was born there. I've had a couple of relief days at a mere 26° whilst they've been roasting in 37°
  9. It'd be a relief right now - we've just recorded 47° over here
  10. Can I just add that with each potentially decent-looking signing we make in which the CEO is not weirdly and repulsively front of stage, the more I f*cking love Richard Gould?
  11. The Derby Blues? Sing it...
  12. You and me both brother, you and me both
  13. On the one hand, this is clearly quite brilliant. On the other, I'm really none the wiser
  14. Apparently I did read 83 pages of this, but life is possibly too short to catch up with all 156 now, so could someone please précis the remaining 73? Muito obrigado
  15. This could still be heard in and around Dolman B when I was living in Bristol and a ST holder, so as recently as 18 years ago
  16. "Our defence is w*nk" - must be a song in there somewhere
  17. Hence the facial expression, we assume
  18. Some good Barnets in the B-52s
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