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  1. Shame you can't do a match report
  2. Baker and Atkinson looking solid, James starting to come into it but the standout for me has been Andy King. He's everywhere, looks big and always finds a pass.
  3. I can't believe no one else has suggested that this "have to sell before we buy" could just be smoke and mirrors to try to reduce the asking price somewhere. It's plausible, and yes we are aiming for self-sustainability, but also, and as has been mentioned, SL has always backed his managers, and where there's a will there's a way, FFP be damned.
  4. I picked a bad month to give up alcohol
  5. Bloody hell he's like the anti-Nige in his speech isn't he! Had to concentrate to keep up with the word speed
  6. I for one am crying foul play. I'd wager that said bottles are in fact of normal size! You scoundrel
  7. Good pills back in the day
  8. "Hi Jon, how's Bermuda? "Oh, hi Dad, yeah all good here thanks. What's up?" "You can come back now."
  9. "Hi Jon, how's Bermuda? "Oh, hi Dad, yeah all good here thanks. What's up?" "You can come back now."
  10. One of the best Cure songs. I also particularly like the largely unknown Heroin Face from that early era. Shame they've been unlistenably shit ever since Disintegration.
  11. Part of the soundtrack of my youth. The intro to Vagabonds has to be one of the finest song intros ever. They have continued to put out good albums, the most recent being amongst their best work IMO.
  12. Don't get me wrong, I'm still in Portugalia, just in the arse end of nowhere up in the mountains nowadays. My mum was considering taking this ferry route as she is cautious about the close confines of a plane, but I thought they had since cancelled the plans? I don't know for sure as I don't follow the news in any language. Top tip for your mental health folks!
  13. I've been seeing the photos on my Facebook feed of the scenes in Porto ahead of the CL final. Makes me wish I still lived there. If you're considering holidaying to Portugal, you don't have to follow the herd to the Algarve. Go to Porto and you'll never want to leave. I'm off to sob into my vinho tinto.
  14. Whilst the gas thread is my favourite part of the forum, and I'm always more or less up to date on it, I do feel that the OP has a point because I see many other threads that look like they might contain some content of interest but have already reached 20 pages, so my immediate reaction is "ah sod it, life's too short, next".
  15. What have you really been doing, Clive?
  16. "All my family are Rovers fans, all my mates are Rovers fans, but at the end of the day, there's only One Team In Bristol". Good lad.
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