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  1. They were probably licking the windows...
  2. Would agree with that. We seemed to have more than our fair share of idiots there today The group of stone Island clad idiots that let the flare off in the concourse with a fair few small kids about. Well done. Idiots calling for your own Manager to be sacked. Idiots that were arguing and abusingi the stewards and police because they didn't want to keep the gangway clear for them to take the injured fan out the ground. Yes a fair few about today
  3. I read something the other day that the last time City Fans witnessed a Home win in person is over 600 days ago!!!!! (Including Covid non attendance and end of season breaks) even so that is utterly shocking...
  4. Odowda was not at fault for the last few mminutes of madness. I agree i think he should be moved on but to blame him for the defeat is a little harsh.
  5. Yes believe it was an "Initial" allocation we received.
  6. One of my favorite City Players. Turner and Taylor - Magic
  7. richyy66


    Probably the same thoughts as when Rovers fans attacked Braintree Players in the Conference.
  8. He has confirmed he is doing the job for nothing - Sorry but the bloke has lost the plot... "I’m doing it for charity. It’s the Bristol Rovers charity I’m doing it for. I’m not doing it for any money. I don’t earn any money out of it "
  9. He lives in Leicester. That was part of the problem here and at Cardiff. He was commuting 6 hours a day as not prepared to move. He isn't prepared to put committment to a club by moving. Sadly I believe his career is probably over unless he finds a local club. Don't think his head or his heart is in it to be a professional footballer. What a waste of a talent.
  10. That picture paints a thousand words........Quality
  11. Joey wont be sacked - they will have to pay him out in compo.....
  12. This is the type of delusion that those sad ***** fester in their minds. Some guy on their forum has suggested approaching Eddie Howe as their next Manager - Its this type of delusion that these muppets will always provide us with entertainment for as longs they exist.
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