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  1. Just hope that Vyner doesn't mark Kieffer Moore next week. If he's fit that is.
  2. Really missed Matty James today. Him and Williams together would make such a difference. Semenyo starting to show what he can do which is encouraging. Vyner against Mitro is a complete mismatch. Much bigger game next week - Lets hope James and Williams are fit.. COYR
  3. More chance of signing Eddie the Eagle.
  4. Jesus...as if conceding a last minute goal wasn't enough.
  5. Count me out for that price - Ram it....
  6. Reckon he will end up at Millwall on loan. Back in London and reunited with his best mate Benik Afobe. A move that would suit both parties.
  7. Well deserved point. Just need to cut out the errors at the back. Some decent players to come back from injury should put us in a stronger position with the addition of a striker in January hopefully will see us finish mid table. Which i would have taken before the season. Come On You Reds
  8. I expect you will be right. As much as i hope the vile scum goes down i can see the result being the same. No one willing to press charges or again nobody will come forward to confirm they saw the incident actually happen.
  9. Odds on he will be appointed after a rigorous process. Great Human etc etc - :laugh:
  10. Nobody has any proof or actually seen him push the other guy over. Correct decision. Regardless of his past. Not guilty.
  11. Where did the loony who invaded the pitch come from. Reckon he was on something!!! Was he from the Derby or City Stands. I didnt see him get onto the pitch. Comedy act watching the stewards trying to chase him. They only got him becasue he stopped running. They need to do some physical excerise more often if you ask me.
  12. Just had a look on their forum and they are so deluded it is unbelievable. They are congratulating themselves regarding their new Stadium that will never be built. They actually think they are a big club. Some belter has posted this:- "Re pubs I imagine drinking at the new grounds facilities watching rovers highlights videos from all ages and looking at historic gas memorabilia with ya mates from all over and getting atmossed right up prior to kick off" ..... DELUSIONAL (THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING)
  13. As much as the football is pretty uninspiring at the moment i still enjoy the day out. Gives me a bit of time with my son and a chance to have a catch up with him. Supported City for many years, we have had worse. Come on you reds...
  14. We dont seem capable of stringing 3 passes together. Seem to make the opposition ping the ball around like Barcelona. Too many players just dip their toe in and not even attempt to challenge/tackle an opposition player. We seem to be so weak all over the pitch. I get we are hampered by injuries but these were the same players that put in a shift against Stoke. Confused as they just seem to turn up for games and not others. Is this down to players or Manager. - So frustrating watching us over the last couple of seasons...
  15. Maybe a friendly against a Bristol Suburban League team. We may have a chance of winning against them.
  16. richyy66


    Summary is Pearson is unwell and cannot put a time frame on when he comes back - Club would like him back but Nige not up to it at the moment. Nothing we didn't know already
  17. richyy66


    Very similar to our performances of late..
  18. richyy66


    I think you are spot on - Nothing to see here....
  19. richyy66


    This is as bad as the Eddie Nketiah thread.....
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