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  1. Great? Wouldn't class him as one of our great players, compared to some of the other players we've had. Best I can say, is good at times, certainly not great
  2. Written in crayons, with matchstick men drawings?
  3. Honest Ashton telling porkie pies, I don't believe it, he seems such a nice honest sort of guy, who always had the best interests of the supporters and club at heart.
  4. Just think a lot boils down to the players, they either don’t want to be here, or perhaps don’t like they way Pearson going about doing things, and don’t want him here as manager, hence the half hearted performances.
  5. Buy one, get one free ?
  6. If that’s the case, I certainly will not be renewing season ticket, it’s mostly down to Ashton, his appointment of Holden, and the recruitment that we are in the mess we are. Mr Lansdown please take note and onboard the feelings and opinions of fans, struggle to remember when things and fans felt so low and fed up with the club.
  7. I know a lot of people don’t like, and he gets slagged off, but why is Moore not had a chance? Can’t do any worse than some of defending we are seeing.
  8. All helps sell season tickets !
  9. Fam a target man! Don’t make me laugh, his control, hold up play, heading ability, humm, he’s more affective in defence than attack, and with his attitude lately, he doesn’t deserve to be playing!
  10. They’re getting so much joy down the left side, Hunt oh so slow in getting back. They look like scoring every time they attack.
  11. Well said, exactly right, human nature I am afraid
  12. Ha, way they’re playing, don’t think going to getting much cash from streaming then, I gave up a while ago.
  13. Second half boys, look in the mirror, regroup and we go again!
  14. Perhaps we somehow get discount because we buy in bulk, the more injuries the cheaper treatment becomes.
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