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  1. They know the feeling of the fans, and what most people will now do, so will probably not give refund as an option.
  2. Can only make judgment on games Holden was in charge, and for the most part,(apart from Middlesbrough game) was very much a continuation of Johnson’s style , tactics, and even subs were the usual baffling style of Johnson. Didnt enjoy the streaming or football played and found myself half watching whilst reading a paper.
  3. Like we did with Johnson, he was supposed to bright young manager who would take us places, though I, as was other people, never convinced by him, tried to be too clever, never knew best formation, team or tactics, when he got it right, it was because he stumbled on by chance, had no choice because of injuries.I came away from his games in charge, more often than not, not with the feeling of wow what a performance, but with a feeling of that was only ok, or we scraped by in that. Feel it would be same under Holden, maybe bright manager, who could take us places in the future, but do we ne
  4. Think I would ask and try to get a refund on my season ticket, he’s been part of the problem, which you could see in a few of those games when he was in charge, looked very much like the Johnson performances we’ve seen for most of the season. I am all for people being given the chance, but the bloke doesn’t fill me with confidence, with performances and his interviews after the match, but this is Bristol City and it’s an easy option for them, not one that I think would get the fans excited, or to encourage more to buy season tickets, or go and watch. Might be wrong, only time will tell.
  5. Agree, think he should be gone already, not only for what he’s done, but not one for the future, surprised to see him play against Swansea, but perhaps didn’t have any choice.
  6. Midfield or lack of, for the last few season doesn’t help defence.
  7. Will not win any of the next two, if we continue to play as we have, I like so many was looking forward to return of football, but that’s been wiped out by two poor performances, it’s not just that we are losing, it’s the way we are losing and playing. Johnsons management style = Johnson’s playing style.
  8. I agree, don’t think players are happy with him, his tactics or what they’re being asked to do, as been said many times on here, think we have best squad of players we’ve had for a long time, but he doesn’t know how to get the best out of, or utilise them. If Lee is in charge next season can I have my season ticket money back please.
  9. Something that was just said on football focus about Klopp and being a good football manager, starting me thinking about City under Johnson, and how many players we could actually say that about, thoughts please.
  10. Get Gordon Ramsey in to sort then!
  11. The players played like they did, because unhappy with what being asked to do, have no faith or belief in the manager, it happens in any work place, if you are being told what to do by a complete k*ob, who hasn’t a clue what he’s on about, and you know what you’re being asking to do, will not work, and is a complete waste of time, you won’t then give 100% for the cause.
  12. mossey


    It’s not that we lost that’s upsetting and annoying people, it’s how we lost, and played.
  13. mossey


    Agree, think he thinks he better and cleverer than he actually is, complicates and overthinks things, can imagine players sat in dressing room, rolling their eyes and laughing behind his back, when he comes out with his B.S, and buzz words.
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