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  1. Anybody aware of what his original injury was? Whatever it was, it looked like a bad feeling of 'oh no...not again!!! from him on Saturday. Poor lad must be feeling absolutely distressed at the moment!
  2. True, but it definitely moved, and clouds of dust were thrown into the air.
  3. We got more fans than you!!! Why bother? This takes us back down to their level. Anyway... BCFC v BRFC That's a blast from the past!
  4. It's alright for him....he can't see it.
  5. 42nite


    No you're not!
  6. Only the one? Eleven jokers would have beaten that rabble.
  7. I hope he likes stale crisps!
  8. Beat me to it Northern Red, basically word for word.
  9. Many people older than you have long memories. Rivals? Nah probably not, we just don't like them! Karma eh?
  10. How about the Cardiff fans?
  11. I seem to remember the word starting with a C, but it wasn't Copper. Also remember, to the yellow submarine tune...... We all piss in a blue and white pot, A blue and white pot, A blue and white pot. (Repeat as many times as you like)
  12. Na na nana Na na nana Hey-hey-aye Johnny Galley. (I cant remember the name of the tune or the group that sang it... anybody remember?)
  13. Beat me to it Judds.
  14. At least he doesn't at every opportunity try to big up his own club (on a sag piss taking thread). If people want to know more about Swindon that much....start a thread why don't you?
  15. Definitely a club under pressure.
  16. The council wanted their parking cone back.
  17. Isn't that what lucky women have?
  18. Ha, yeh right. Bloody whippersnappers! (What's an XC90?)
  19. It's about time Oldham got their act together!
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