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  1. When is the redevelopment for that whole site due to begin? (Wickes)
  2. Surely you're in a better position to know than us?
  3. Can I go up for corners?
  4. 42nite

    Car Park Refunds.

    Hi Jerry, With reference to my prior query, do you have an update as to how refunds will be returned if the option of City Car Parking is not taken? I note that on an earlier thread you stated that your colleague will soon be calling us regarding this, so if we were made aware of the options available prior to the call, that would hopefully save peoples time. Thanks.
  5. Dolman's emptying, 30 mins to go then!
  6. 42nite

    Car Park Refunds.

    Hi Jerry, If we choose not to renew our City Car Parking this season, how will the amount owing be refunded? Thanks.
  7. Are you even allowed to say that nowadays?
  8. 42nite


    Hi Mods....is he banned?
  9. I guess we all have our cross to bear.... I'll make an exception just for you.
  10. I hate Swindon and everything about it! Not much more to add really.
  11. Yeh, his voice might have gone, but he can still rock that piano! Him and his band put on a fantastic show, Ashton Gate will be rocking...better tie the Dolman down! Last chance to see this superstar.
  12. Anybody with the chrstian name of Richard. (Not personal mind...)
  13. Your completed passes must be up in the thousands by now eh? And still rising!
  14. Correct. Advice was requested, if Katy's too strong for you... best to drink piss!
  15. Dazed and confused, I would guess.
  16. Certainly, stick to Strongbow!
  17. Might have had a chance if the trim was blue.
  18. That was my attempt at being eloquent mind.
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