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  1. Dasilva, despite being left footed gave a good display on the right when he came on Saturday. If he's on the bus for the long journey he's in the team. If he's only going to Melvin Square.......ding!
  2. Semeyo...oh oh Semenyo... oh oh oh oh He loves to play on the grass When he puts Aden Flint on his ass Semenyo... oh oh Semenyo ...oh oh oh oh.
  3. Cat o' nine would sort them out.
  4. Yea, them stewards aint what they used to be! Ban the bottle throwers for life, that'll put an end to it. CCTV time.
  5. True, but 10 of them marking 1 player is bound to cause problems elsewhere.
  6. Great forum, and wonderful value for only £5 a year............
  7. Horses for courses. If you have the players capable of playing confidently out from the back...fine. If you don't, it can be a very uncomfortable watch.
  8. Didn't Burnley finish 10th last season? Not too shabby.
  9. I have prostate cancer surgery planned for January.... if there's any room in the hospital by then. So I haven't been to the last 2 games, and also won't be going Saturday. Anybody that's considering going, please be careful.
  10. I'd like to see him on that SAS training course thing.
  11. Good result, and we probably won't hear too much from our Swindle friend on this thread tonight either! Happy days indeed.
  12. Really? I don't think Blackburn are so bad?
  13. Wait for the floodlight failure.....
  14. If it should happen I look forward to discussing it with you when you start the.... Basement Swindle Dustbin Thread. It would be a shame to clog up the Sags very own thread with even more 4th division rubbish. I'm out!
  15. Naughty! You knew you weren't allowed.
  16. Be good to get Swindle down the Gate again!!!
  17. Why? Should he have said there was hostility between them during the match? Would that have helped his defence? (Honest question)
  18. Just knock up a few tents....Sorted!
  19. Shousery at its finest last night. With the young guns right on the edge of the refs goodwill. It was a pleasure to watch!
  20. Can't be sure, but didn't he get the flick on for the goal? I thought he had a good game last night, poor bloke must be knackered.
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