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  1. Is he training with us then? Allegedly....someone shouted cross it, and he just broke down!
  2. As we used to say to our children when buying their new school uniforms.. "You'll grow into it!"
  3. I wish the lad well in his fight against this horrible disease. I've had the first dose of a daily four week long course of radiation treatment today. Blue or red ....it doesn't discriminate!
  4. Wow! That is amazing!
  5. Known him a long time. Such sad news. Our loss is heavens gain! Rest in peace mate.
  6. Cue @Robbored (Not actually him mind....)
  7. The speakers were good though.
  8. I watched the ladies football last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. They were all professionals...some semi maybe on the Austrian side??? representing their countries, and none of them seemed to feel the need to shout, scream and roll about in pathetic agony in order to gain any sort of advantage. It was a breath of fresh air...the way the game should be played!
  9. I think they're nice!
  10. Probably linked back to the last game v Hull? He got well clumped in that game and limped off early.
  11. Nicholls, Griffin and Legg I remember. For some reason I think Mr. Reingart was the headmaster?..... Don't know if this is correct or how that name came into my head. Nicholls also taught recorder, and P.E. He used to smash the cricket ball all over the place when we bowled to him.... nearly took my head off one day.
  12. Hull 5-0, but the best part of the whole day was sitting next to my all time goalkeeping hero.......GIBBO!!! I haven't seen him since I was in the East End counting out...1-2-3-4 Hooray! A very long time ago. I must admit I was star struck, for the first time in my longish life. As he walked past me to sit down, I said out loud...... "It's only Gibbo!" My 46 year old son looked at me bemused...."Who?" I spent the rest of the match explaining. Gibbo's a great bloke and a true legend! I'm sure anybody else from that era would agree.
  13. Spot on, stops people waiting till the last minute, as many do.
  14. The same as always...... Not being a sag!
  15. See Fevs post just above yours for a possible answer.
  16. Good idea....you'll go blind if you don't!
  17. "Oh look another bets been placed on a City win...........with them keeping a clean sheet!!!"
  18. 42nite


    Okay thanks. It's just that I sent him a message on Monday and it's not been read yet. Maybe he's on holiday......
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