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  1. You can't be a players friend, you can have a laugh a joke but they have to realise you are there boss, that you will not stand for anything that Is against the morals & ethics of the club & individual. Guardiola in his first week gave out one almighty bollocking to abidal & then how many times has he had to do that again ? If a Barcelona player turns up 1 minute late they are punished, they must be on the training ground with there shinpads on, laces tied before they start. Do you think our players are always in on time ? Hell no ! If something goes wrong on the pitch they no something will be happening on bench whether it is a sub or tactical changes they no they can turn to someone with superior intelleuct when it comes to reading a game ! Do our players ? No they see a cardboard cut out. I know were not barca but they are an amazing club to learn from.
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