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  1. Holy shit what a shower of shit our football club has become, I see the media team have been posting our Man U victory!! It’s actually nearly 4 ******* years since we’ve played well and had a decent team, 4 ******* years!!! ******* shambles!!!
  2. The thing I found absolute hilarious was Goodmans analysis on our conduct in the box!! Stoke have made a living out of this shit, he really did sound like a complete and utter tit and tbh not fit to commentate.
  3. Don Goodmans a ***! Stoke were the masters of this shit!!!
  4. Honestly if Scott had got sent of for that I would stop watching … what has this game become… pathetic!!
  5. Christ the gulf between these 2 sides in huge… we are soo ******* shit!!
  6. For such a seasoned poster it amazes me the shit you’re are giving to NP, when was the last time a manager took over in such dire circumstances with no finances and a totally shite team… Christ I’ve been a negative poster in my time but even I can see that he’s up the river without a paddle! Have a ******* word with yourself!
  7. ******* hell, we can’t even beat Forest off the pitch these days, things are looking bad!
  8. It’s was absolute suicide for him taking this job and I’m amazed he even bothered, let’s face it we’d be lucky to get anyone with any calibre to replace him! The mess left by LJ and MA and overseen by SL is nothing short of a disgrace, no money, no prospects, league 1’s a certainty and it’s not the fault of the manager!
  9. God mate i totally agree, this used to be such a good platform with some great football debate, like watching loose ******* woman now!!
  10. Christ the negativity … what a depressing bunch
  11. Personally I thought we looked far better with Scott second half though.
  12. I totally agree, talk of finishing 20th and being happy is ludicrous
  13. My god what a breath of fresh air this lad is, exciting times…
  14. Give Warnock 300 ******* Mil and he would have produced that performance but Man City would have had 3 players sent off... Tuchel should not be applauded fir that shit show tonight I’m sorry.. killing the game
  15. We are incredibly lucky to live in this part of the country, we have Bristol and Bath on our door step, London and Birmingham a short drive away and the beauty of Devon and Cornwall within 2 hours... This is truly the best City in England
  16. Work? The bloke doesn’t know his arse from his elbow by the sounds of it!
  17. Who the ***** gonna buy a season ticket Old boy? Just asking
  18. ******* ridiculous post, he was given zero support, we didn’t even sign a player till a week before the new season whereas the year before our business was done early and clinically... he was forced out no question!
  19. Another pathetic appointment incoming? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least!
  20. Statistically he is, winning 2 out of out measly 3 trophies. I’ll stand to be corrected on this?. The most enjoyment I’ve ever had in one season that’s for dam ******* sure!
  21. You’ve obviously got far to much time on your hands... When will people like you understand that the business that is now Bristol Sport couldn't give 2 ***** how you feel or think for that matter.. Get over it!
  22. You've clearly got a huge issue with the man so why don't you take it up with him?
  23. Shouldnt this be moved to a non football thread ffs?
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